Gary Younge's new
'Angry, White and American'

if you read the UK Guardian you probably know the columnist Gary Younge, a black Brit living in the USA – now he's teamed up with UK Channel 4 and made this amazing 45min documentary about . Basically people who think it is only about race or only about class are not getting who the two mix together. Fantastic work.

Watch it now before the copyright police take it down.

@jd as an Irish person I hope that Gary Younge (an Englishman) will apologise for what his people did to mine during the Cromwellian conquest and later potato famine

@jd gary younge is so eloquent he is literally the only journalist i have seen to interview spencer and not make it an embarrassment

@jd I thought that Gary was so surprised to hear such extreme opinions repeated to his face, he didn't deal with it as well as he might have. The problem is assuming you can defeat these ideas with logic or appeals to your own value system.

Ultimately, it's a values conversation. It's my good versus your evil. (Although, I'm sure Spencer benefits from certain liberal values that conflict with his nationalistic views.)

@jd oh! note that people in the UK can watch it on the web through All4, for the next 25 days at least. (sorry if this is a bit late. the toot just got boosted XD so I thought it might be useful.)

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