', a blockchain startup, has released a decentralized browser to make an internet that would be free from dependence on large organizations and key players. The makers of Blockstack browser have called it the Netscape of the decentralized internet for running and making apps. A developer release of Blockstack browser is available, and a user version will arrive in six months...'



@jd very interesting. It reads like a bot wrote the story. Still something worth looking into.

@jd It's not "an Internet" (Blockstack apps run on the same Internet as everyone does), it's an application middleware. Interesting but certainly not "an Internet".

@jd cool, make me think of ZeroNet... My only problem with those P2P web technology is that they are not compatible between them leading to a fragmentation of the offer... What made HTTP so successfull and now widely used is that it as interoperability at it's core...

@jd "blockchain" and "startup" are enough to let me know I'm not interested.

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