watch this insanity
of ' Coast Guard puts refugees and rescuers in danger! –– The EU-funded Libyan coast guard has today brought the crew of the Sea-Watch 2, as well as several hundreds of refugees on a wooden boat, in a life-threatening danger, during a repatriation action which is illegal under sea and international law.'

The Facebookdatavampires actually want me to create an account to watch that video. If it is around somewhere else, please let us know.

@einebiene not sure how to help you then. you could download the youtube from and watch from your desktop, maybe

I watched it on youtube now. At least they didn't ask me to create an account. Thanks a lot. :-)
@einebiene in my case facebook let me watch the vid without being logged in. They asked me sth but let my choose "not this time"  @jd
I'm not sure I had this option, but I got a little angry, maybe I didn't look properly.
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