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'..1. Germany has some of the strictest gun laws in Europe
2. Fourth-highest gun ownership rate worldwide
3. One of the lowest rates of gun-related deaths worldwide
4. Mass shootings have led to stricter gun laws
5. No major mass shootings between 2009 and 2016

‘…Over the past 20 years, “crimes against life” - which include murder as well as negligent manslaughter - that involve guns have dropped from 783 in 1995 to 130 in 2015, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA).

Of those crimes in 2015, just 57 were intentional murders.

This pales in comparison to the rates in the US, where firearm homicides surpass 11,000 people killed each year or roughly 3.5 deaths per 100,000 people, according to GunPolicy.org.

In Germany, that rate barely reaches 0.07 deaths per 100,000 people…’


@jd A simple but revealing correlation: states where the rate of gun ownership is highe, have more gun related deaths.

@jd gun ownership stat suggests that gun control laws might not need to impede "normal" access/number of guns. DE rate is ~30guns/100ppl, in line with many other developed with rural pop countries and probably a reasonable goal. US is 90/100, wild outlier.

What a macho, gun-packing Instagram star did when he was caught in the Las Vegas shooting

'...“Trying to go grab a gun,” he says in the clip. “I’m f—— headed back. … Saw a girl get shot in the face right next to me, her f—— brains hanging out.”

But in the next clip, which briefly appeared on Bilzerian’s Instagram account and has since been plastered over the Internet, he stands in front of police lights, looking slightly dazed.

“Um, they got one of the guys,” he says, no gun in sight, all fury gone from his voice. “I’m headed back. I don’t think there’s much I can do.”

So he went home, leaving fans to wonder whether one of Instagram’s most formidable stars was something different in real life...'


@jd Wikipedia says Germany is 15th in gun ownership rates

@Cosmic What was Wikipedia's source? The Local is a .de so I assume them might know.

@jd okay, I think Wikipedia measured guns per capita and this article measures gun owners per capita. Americans are more likely to own like 20 guns

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