Facebook has kicked me out today because of their Real Names policy – this comes at a difficult time for me personally,, as an activist and professionally. Much of my life depends on facebook. I have been told to upload a fake ID, but I dont have that haha – does anyone have any advice? (other than saying goodbye to facebook?)

@jd For what it's worth a number of my Facebook contacts, of whom they are family & work acquaintances, they each would have several Facebook accounts just for this kind of contingency. They use separate FB accounts for their online shop/selling, for activism, for shitposting etc.

Maybe being in Indonesia FB doesn't harass their/our "real name" status so much as they do US/European people but eh I dunno...

Personally I only have one FB account. But several Pages though.

@jd And many Web-pages I go to for the past several years, I've encountered Facebook showing paid display banner ads to me, telling me I should make (another) Facebook account.

Even the latest several iterations of the FB app for Android seem to facilitate one person having multiple personal FB accounts.

@jd Which makes me think: I suppose you *can* make a new FB account, and then ask your old FB contacts to add your new FB account/id, and you ask them for this through channels *outside* of FB...

I've never tried this myself though so ymmv.

@jd When they came after my masc account on that shit I told them hey thanks for reaching out I'm actually writing a story for (insert large newspaper here) about how Facebook's real name policy actually makes people unsafe on the internet could you please connect me your media relations department? They fucked off soon after.

Granted this was like four years ago, not sure if it'd work now.


I know once upon a time they claimed the ability for users to explain their particular circumstances justifying their need to use a different name than one they can document. i don't know about the implementation of that, but if you have not tried the "here is an explanation of why i need to use this name" approach it might be worth a shot? then failing that i know the EFF and some other privacy groups have complained about them in the past so maybe reaching out to them might be an option?

For what it's worth, I hear their standards for validating id are very low, so you wouldn't need a very *good* fake id.

personally I verified with my real name and it let me keep my fake name on facebook, so idk what happened there

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