Why the Announcement of a Looming White Minority Makes US Demographers Nervous
'...โ€œI said โ€˜Iโ€™m really worried about this,โ€™โ€ said Dr. Prewitt, now a professor of public affairs at Columbia University. He added, โ€œStatistics are powerful. They are a description of who we are as a country. If you say majority-minority, that becomes a huge fact in the national discourse.โ€

In a nation preoccupied by race, the moment when white Americans will make up less than half the countryโ€™s population has become an object of fascination.

For white nationalists, it signifies a kind of doomsday clock counting down to the end of racial and cultural dominance. For progressives who seek an end to Republican power, the year points to inevitable political triumph, when they imagine voters of color will rise up and hand victories to the Democratic Party....'

@jd lol in 2020 50%+ percent of children will be "minorities"?! A) "minorities" are and always have been the majority B) if a "minority" is the majority, it becomes very evident that (also keeping in mind that race is an artificial construct) the language to talk about race in the US and is still used here, is rooted in white supremacy.


@_do_mi_ni_que Yes, that is what the article is about. How to define white and majority, and the scientific responsibilities that go with that. Don't shoot the messenger.

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@jd no, not meant against you at all. Just pointing out how the NYT still is very much trapped in the language of years past.

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