Here's my first blog post for night – I'm blogging from the CET time zone (6+ hours before people even start voting!). This is my Fb post, and I will be adding context info all day, then when the election starts at 1am (my time) I will blog the results. Not sure how late I want to do this however.

Feel free to add links and commentary here.
: Seth Tobocman


– I don't think there's anything wrong with voting for the candidates least likely to get you and your friends and family killed. The 'lesser evil' is an ok strategy until something better is offered – what matters more is what you do between elections.

Historically, this has show itself to be a losing strategy but you never know. Give it another go and maybe this time, being subservient will land you a benevolent ruler.

@jd but the concept of a lesser evil doesn't exist. Trump hasn't killed any American citizens. Neither did Obama. The people they kill and we should be concerned about are the random citizens overseas that EVERY American leader wants dead.

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