@jd LOL!!! You assume the CEO would not be replaced within a month.....


@acrazymind @cobra2 @jd It depends. If you manage to make this into a habit, the stream of successors may quickly dry out. :]

@lertsenem @cobra2 @jd "Welcome folks to Fortune 500 Feast Friday, you know the drill: choose your billionaire, share with others and don't forget to bring your own forks!"

@cobra2 @jd MORE FOOD! YAY!

(Though, gotta boil 'em live to get the toxins out. Not edible otherwise, I'm told.)

@algernon @jd

IMHO, just refusing to use money on a mass scale would render governments and other entrenched institutions useless.

Finding enough local folks to make that possible would probably be easier than trying to travel to where the CEO is and eat them.


so you're saying give cannipitalism a chance

Ehhh, it'd help reverse climate change, but I'm trying to avoid getting food poisoning

@jd CEO's are just a lone hydra's head. Cutting them won't be enough, you need to scorch the entire body.

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