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@Hamishcampbell writes:

Rainbow gatherings happen far away from Babylon – the problem of

‘…Yet for the last 10 years they have been increasingly/largely organized on Facebook, this is having an affect on the gatherings. Facebook being a is strong Babylon energy and this energy is overflowing into the Rainbow Gatherings.

For to have most of its organizing and communication in/on is a clear bringing Babylon into Rainbow disaster. You can see this in the illness/eco disaster’s at European gatherings over the last 5 years. The regional one I was at for 3 weeks in Serbia this summer was such, though worked hard on the ground in circles to heal this…’


@jd @Hamishcampbell i have seen this happen firsthand, and it is disgusting. the last time i dealt with rainbows on the internet, i was threatened by someone that he was going to hit me in the face with a shovel because i got a rapist arrested. their 'brother.'

@jd @Hamishcampbell

on a similar note this has adversely affected the UK underground rave scene and other similar subcultures - not only is FB close to cops and other authorities, the "network effect" leads younger people to put on events larger than they can safely manage so various bad things happen at them (violence, overdoses, road crashes etc), sparking off a backlash which the cops use to justify more agressive clampdowns in the name of "safeguarding young people"

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