'LinkedIn and GitHub complement each other.'

the horrors of what is wrong with this business deal explained with one sentence from the article.... LOL πŸ˜†β€‹πŸ˜β€‹πŸ˜β€‹

Confirmed! Microsoft is Buying GitHub for $5 Billion

@jd at least there was an attempt to be unbiased here

@jd it does make sense, as dystopian as it may sound, to link those together and effectively have a resume if you're into that.
@jd The article's interpretation of EEE is incorrect. Embrace is about adopting free software protocols. Microsoft putting lots of stuff on github is still part of Embrace.

Extend is about adding "value add" to the protocols, beyond what the free software tools offer, available only using proprietary tools. This creates gravity toward the proprietary tools.

Extinguish is when compatibility with free software can be abandoned entirely, because most people are using the extended protocol.

Buying the biggest service in the space allows Microsoft to go down the Extend route. Github already has Extended git-adjacent space by providing issues and pull requests that cannot trivially be integrated with other hosts and free software tools. The reason github attracts projects is not because they're so good at hosting git repos. It's because of git's integration into their proprietary services.
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