@jd I would look at the book "On Killing", a study of methods employed in order to convince and prepare soldiers to kill in war. The less training that soldiers had, the less likely they were to even fire their weapons or fire them at actual enemy figure. The statistics of the book are very interesting in this respect.

NEW INVESTIGATION: A joint investigation by OCCRP partners Direkt36 (#Hungary) and RISE Project (Romania) raise questions for a senior #Fidesz party member over unbuilt bioethanol factories whose financing remains a mystery. Read the story here: occrp.org/en/28-ccwatch/cc-wat

Unexplained financing, a rival bidder controlled by a cousin, and unpaid penalties. These are just some of the problems surrounding a bioethanol project promised by a senior Fidesz member.

The Women of Post-Punk and Goth
'...We think everyday is a day to acknowledge our heroes in the post-punk and goth music scene that just so happen to be women. These ladies are not only brilliant musicians and artists, but also cultural pioneers...'


That's what Plato said!!!

Also... [thug life music]

@jd Interesting that the paper never talks about software...

Evelyn Berezin, 93, Dies; Built the First True Word Processor
'...Evelyn Berezin, a computer pioneer who emancipated many a frazzled secretary from the shackles of the typewriter nearly a half-century ago by building and marketing the first computerized word processor, died on Saturday in Manhattan. She was 93.

[....] β€œWithout Ms. Berezin,” he added enthusiastically, β€œthere would be no Bill Gates, no Steve Jobs, no internet, no word processors, no spreadsheets; nothing that remotely connects business with the 21st century.”...'

β€˜Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret’


β€œAt least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information, The Times found. Several of those businesses claim to track up to 200 million mobile devices in the United States”

Also on our forum: forum.ind.ie/t/your-apps-know-

@jd I remember reading Ferguson's critique of Steven Pinker's book 'The Angels of our Better Nature'. He seems to really know his stuff on this topic.

No scientific proof that war is ingrained in human nature
'...there is no scientific proof that we have an inherent propensity to take up arms and collectively kill.

In a study published in Scientific American, Ferguson argues that war may not be in our nature at all. People might fight and sometimes kill for personal reasons, but homicide, he argues, is not war [....]

"Anthropologists think about prospects for war in the long term," Ferguson says. "If the idea that war is part of human nature is not scientifically supported, alternative futures open up. If more people work for prevention, the eventual eradication of war is a definite theoretical possibility."...'

– 'Libertarian socialism, the political tradition in which Noam Chomsky operates, which is closely tied to anarchism, rejects this distinction as illusory. If the word β€œlibertarianism” is taken to mean β€œa belief in freedom” and the word β€œsocialism” is taken to mean β€œa belief in fairness,” then the two are not just β€œnot opposites,” but they are necessary complements. That’s because if you have β€œfreedom” from government intervention, but you don’t have a fair economy, your freedom becomes meaningless, because you will still be faced with a choice between working and starving. Freedom is only meaningful to the extent that it actually creates a capacity for you to act. If you’re poor, you don’t have much of an actual capacity to do much, so you’re not terribly free. Likewise, β€œsocialism” without a conception of freedom is not actually fair and equal...'

RT @T_Bouhafs@twitter.com: J’ai tΓ©lΓ©chargΓ© et re-uploader la vidΓ©o avant qu’elle ne soit supprimΓ©e.

Γ‡a se passerait aux abords du lycΓ©e saint exupery Γ  mantes la jolie.

Ce sont des enfants.

Nous sommes en france en 2018.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/T_Bouhafs/status/1

Viva La Pamela Anderson (or something) πŸ™„β€‹ [part three]

Yellow Vests and I
'...Symbolic violence is involved when the oppressed and powerless internalize their humiliation and inequality...'
– Pamela Anderson

@jd Meme girl is even wearing Baywatch red...

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