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I will now be answering questions on the HN thread about Pixelfed.


i missed it went masto would blow the smartphone up with notifications and i could say "whatever went viral" to whoever and just dip heh. like. heh. :cannabis_leaf:

prick: blah blah blah who did this
me: Joe
prick: Joe Who?
me: Joe Momma!

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It took a while to locate the json api. The Münster mesh is huge. 2916 currently active nodes. A few years ago when I was first starting on the mesh version of #freedombone the entire size of Freifunk within Germany was said to be about 3000 nodes, and there were questions about whether it could scale above 1000 active ones running batman-adv. This is not far off within a single city.
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State uptime monitoring detected pixelfed.social downtime before I noticed! Really need to ship this ASAP.

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The Sanders Paradox Show more

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Join us tomorrow, Wed Feb 20th from 11-11:30am

for a discussion on coops helping coops, especially in the tech realm. Even if you're not part of a coop but are interested in how this works please attend if you can!


#coop #solidarityeconomy

another note on is if you are interested in (multipath tcp) then... check how well yggdrasil integrates "same" failover AND "throughput doubling" as MPTCP

usually just nil routes for ip6/clearnet but starting (tcp) & (udp) project.

DoH (DNS over HTTPS) ... I guess FOSDEM had good talks on this.. and why its not really good. It's centralizing and lets Cl*fl*re leverage more user-tracking.. tho, it may help speed things up, and circumvent censorship, but... it's an important privacy (run your own) vs. censorship (one for many) debate

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