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every fkn stadium during playoffs has been piping KoRN and Metallica into the croud.

honest question watching thing.. is VICELAND == RT? re: ipfs://QmXg8QFBTdyJHxAr5FhunpDhAPFnX8LVv1MhkcWdTiWNNm

is this hockey? wtf labanc? damn... got to be a record

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My othernet order arrived! Time to pull data from a satellite.

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The first image of the #blackhole at the centre of M87 took five petabytes of raw data to produce one beautiful image containing proof that black holes (which had been theoretical up-until-now) do actually exist.
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#Bodhi 3.14.0 released

Still far too many #fedora projects or sub-projects are controlled by #microsoft on #github

Time for #redhat to #deletegithub

its tax day 2040 and "balance due options" is getting really fucking cringe.

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RT @JossieValentin@twitter.com

As of 1pm today, @StopandShop@twitter.com employees are on strike. Show solidarity and don’t cross the picket line! @MassJwJ@twitter.com

🐦🔗: twitter.com/JossieValentin/sta

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@matrix Turns out that there was a successful compromise of the Matrix infrastructure happening.

Details from Matrix on Twitter: twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

You may ask how that could happen, but more important: It didn't stay unnoticed and that's a good sign.

#Matrix #Riot #matrixDown #infosec

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If you were impacted by the #matrix outage please consider standing up a Synapse instance and help decentralize. I've been running one for a couple of weeks and it is stable, low-maintenance software so far.

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The Addams Family are only able to exist outside of societal norms because of their vast inherited wealth.

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