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qui a encore foutu un lundi là a cet endroit précis

Five days after looks like the pain is finally over. yayyyy

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I have an horrible tooth pain plz send halp

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CEO of Pleroma here, we just became part of the IBM family. Because our goals are so aligned we'll be shutting down the fediverse tomorrow. Thanks for travelling with us on this awesome journey!


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this meme made by elixir programming language gang

There's a man at the bus stop standing by you
You've seen him and he's seen you
You've seen each other so many times before
It's the face on the TV that reads the news
The singers singing that can't sing the blues
The soldier who died but he's still too young to choose
It's the girl you met when you were sixteen
You fell in love but in between
Found that she did not really love you

It's all right pinning your faith in youth
'Cause youth has one saving grace
It buds and it blossoms and it flies for a while
And then it starts to fade away
You're looking at beauty but all that you're seein' is skin
The machine, the machine that cried
The machine, the machine that cried

It's all right facing your life own truth
If everyone believes what you say
The beggar and the tycoon and the honest man
All in league for a day
We're dealing in fiction 'cause the truth's gonna drive us insane
The machine, the machine that cried
The machine, the machine that cried

Woah... comment des gens ont pu trouver ça drôle ?

J’en suis a regarder Friends. C’est vous dire à quel point ça va bien.

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Pôle emploi organise des recrutements inspirés de The Voice : un dispositif « humiliant » pour les chômeurs

Buzzers et entretiens à l'aveugle

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"Gay", "anarchist", "Trotskyite", "freemason"… some things French Yellow union ( "Force Ouvrière" boss Pascal Pavageau labeled colleagues as, presumably considering all those as negatives.
Now forced to resign, in the non-apology "apology" he blames the resulting injury to the "union" of his actions on… the members that didn't do it.

Est-ce que devenir adulte est avoir un frigo qui est plus haut que soit même ?

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