@ButterflyOfFire Oui et soc.ialis.me et tout ce que j'héberge, c'est les mêmes fronts et c'est le firewall dessus qui chie :)

@ButterflyOfFire On it, the pf firewall is causing me issues. I've stopped it for now.

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Yeahhh, I’ve finished !
- Wolves and Thistles - watercolor and black pen

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vote on the new name for #Mastalab here: framadate.org/Mastalab

to vote, scroll to the bottom of the table of votes, enter your name, and choose yes/maybe/no for as many as you'd like (you don't hav eto vote on all the options).

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I'm gonna ruin the world by buying Slack and Netflix and swapping the Slack new message notification sound with the Netflix opening chime.

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idea: instead of having paid mods on mastodon.social, they just pull the plug on it and users are redistributed through the rest of the network

@papey le runner est en Go, pfffff, tristesse :(

@krruzic buuut now that i'm thinking about this, I'm somewhat afraid that remote instances won't even show the additional fields...

@crowd42 j'en chiale, mes seeds, bordellllllllllllllll aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

@crowd42 oh bordel meeeerrrrdeeeeeeeeeee

la seedbox était sur un serveur que j'ai résilié et totalement oublié de la migrer... <&!#8!"y"ç182ç!38& la haine

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it’s not perfect and the numbers are a bit wrong, but i’m not gonna do better today: here’s the fediverse.network 2018 report 🎉 !

tl;dr: ~ +58% instances (+1,583), +39% users (+688,565), +70% statuses (+89,020,828)

i’ll expand the report over the coming days with more interesting stuff, do not hesitate to send some feedback with ideas/.. :)

@krruzic It's Mastodon (or better Mastodon't). I don't think I can

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