@linkskywalker huh i'll check sorry. ping me in theses cases!

a server melted due to the heatwave

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the nices parts aboutrunning a fediverse instance: getting a takedown email from the turkish government. I guess I'm not gonna have holidays there now...


@redneck_happy @emsenn And it's this: it's relatively dead. Always really have been.

@redneck_happy I'm dealing with health etc issues but uprading is soon now. Needed new hardware for it and got it recently.

@jesse welcome! an upgrade will happen soon now.

@krruzic I went to depression and burn-out.

regarding upgrade: asap but now soon, just waiting for my own company to get formed so I can get paid and so I can get more RAM to upgrade on new debian vms (mastodon is really too fucked up on freebsd) (maybe it's fixed now, tho, i'll have a look).

@krruzic Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

@krruzic 🤷 came from a totally unrelated US company; and a stupid bgp optimizer box that leaked thru upstreams because of human mistakes that happens constantly.

And now they said internet will be fixed in ONE WEEK 😰

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"A doll in a children's gas mask amongst beds at a kindergarten in the abandoned city of Pripyat."
Pic: Gleb Garanich/Reuters

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The screenprint session goes well. They will be available very soon for 15€ !

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Des gens que ça intéresserait un blog de sérigraphie où j'explique de A à Z comment faire, avec les basiques du how to pour les novices, matos DIY, et points techniques/problématiques et solutions pour les passionés ou semi pro ?

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happy birthday soc.ialis.me ! you're now 2 years old! (now was a week ago).

Upgrading the system this week as mastodon latest is out!! moving to a new sever, too! (cc @b9AcE @nutomic@soc.ialis.me )

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