Do you know any hackerspaces or conferences present on the fediverse ? :)

@href i know of one hackerspace, the almighty noisebridge in san fran. they actually have a whole instance. @patrickod runs the show.

@href @wxl not directly Hack Manhattan but @guan runs an instance (guess which) and a couple members are on there. None of them are too active though 😶

@m @href I've been trying to stoke a discussion of putting the Internet Freedom Festival (birdsite: internetff) here and how to do it. I've been exploring the possibility of starting an instance, but the team fears it will be "just another thing to take care of."

I figure as soon as I get more engagement going via our birdsite acct., our Mattermost (FOSS Slack) and finish the "onboarding" process, I'll manage to get IFF going here.

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