sooo which linux distribution should I use on my laptop until freebsd is fixed ?

@ButterflyOfFire m'en parle pas, quand je l'ai branché il a boot sur windows, Cortana s'est mise à parler, j'ai failli faire une crise cardiaque

@salixlucida does that means "fix the kernel problem by yourself in freebsd" ? :D

@kyzh @href It is good. Simple. The init system runit is a real relief to use, the whole thing feels a bit like 2008's Archlinux.

Is freebsd broken ? What happened ?

@alice @kyzh Ok I'll give a try to Void Linux :)

regarding freebsd, this is a fairly recent laptop on AMD Ryzen and it freezes when booting the ACPI stuff.

@href @kyzh Oh sorry, I had seen your toot with the screenshot but I failed to see the link between both toots : )

@alice @kyzh ok now on it (with Enlightenment which I hadn't used in like 10 years!) : it is great :) thanks for the suggestion


J'installe ça de suite <3

@href My default recommendation these days is Devuan, which is Debian but without systemd.
If you want to compile by hand, I'd recommend Funtoo, which is like Gentoo but with several improvements.
If you just want to plat around with some Live-distro, I'd recommend antiX, which is also without systemd and well... they have explicitly very nice political alignments. :-)

@href I think Manjaro is pretty great. Always up to date, plus you have access to the AUR with tons of packages.

@href Fedora + Cinnamon. Everything is pre-configured, hardware support is excellent :)

@hecate Gonna give a shot at Void Linux first :)

@papey @href I beg to differ, Void Linux is the post-rock of Linux distros

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