I have an horrible tooth pain plz send halp

@href fais comme moi : attends, attends, attends, et a un moment ça sera trop tard :')

@dashie ouais en fait j’ai fait ça pendant 12 ans ... là c’est déjà trop tard et bien. Bien.

@href Maybe this counts as sending help?

If I get pain in a tooth, I kill the infection with tea tree oil (,
for example by putting some drops on some paper and putting that near the infection.
It's strong enough to kill unwelcome microbes, but not so strong that it becomes harmful to humans. Should be found at health stores.

When dad had a tooth ache and had to wait for holidays to end for the dentist to pull it, dad used fried cloves ( powder as a local anesthetic, which also helps kill the infection. You should be able to get that at reasonable supermarkets.

Hope that helps!

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