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Proud to announce my own new cryptocurrency, United States Dollars. We're very excited, please invest today!!!!!!!

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“I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves.” -Che

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: mastodong

I desperately wish you could change the colours of this instance because the very deep red on black is SO difficult for me to distinguish & makes the sidebar hard to find.

Venezuela elected Maduro for another term! Of course because the US did not successfully meddle in the Venezuelan elections they are refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the vote.

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wtf is up with this design pattern on web apps where there are huge text fields for username and password on the home page and so you type in your username and password only to realize that the button below it says "Create an account!" and then you have to hunt for the tiny "ˢⁱᵍⁿ ⁱⁿ" button in the upper right-hand corner in order to actually sign in to your existing account?

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Occult.Camp is looking for another Admin.

You don't have to do a whole lot, especially because I'm not making enough to cover server costs, let alone paying anyone at the moment.

But, if you're interested, lemmie know.

Meanwhile in Honduras, this year Juan Orlando Hernández rose to power as president in elections where his opposition had been ahead when suddenly the vote went private. Unsurprisingly, JOH has the support of the US government.


Sérgio Moro, who studied & trained in US, convicted Lula for 'indeterminate acts' despite there being no proof, no acts, no crime. soc.ialis.me/media/dZAIBSmpcdk

Holding the country hostage, Brasilian military general threatens military intervention/coup if Lula is not imprisoned & thus allowed to participate in presidential election.


Posted this on FB but Democracy Now had a panel of people talking about Black Panther, liberation, Afrofuturism, black feminism from varying points of view. Watching now & it's really interesting so I thought I'd share.


All this stuff about whack ass Logan Paul from people I definitely see treat Asia as a whole as the 'Exotic Other,' folks who treat cultures outside of their own as a buffet (culture vultures), racist ass folks who like fubarduck got racial fetish. It's not just LP. White supremacy is what fostered such behaviour from people like him.

Friendship with Justin ended. How dare that man hate on mustard.

Folks talk about starting transition late & I'm like 'I was in my 30s' because it's that recent but at the same time I too feel the pain of not having started sooner, of figuring myself out sooner

Immense headache thanks to the constant heat going since it's negative degrees out. Thankfully I have a small humidifier but yeah I am dried out.

I'm not feeling tonight. There's something always sad for me about NYE & maybe that it's I associate it with death, with the end of Christmas, with another year of uncertainty & being pushed forward into it.

I left California & I am better for it -I hated LA- but I feel just as lonely here. At least I have my students but I need a social group. I need a support network.

I'm literally just spamming here now. idk, sometimes I need a space even away from private twitter...

holy shit why am I so pale I look like the biggest honkey send help soc.ialis.me/media/8u95fUmVeZV soc.ialis.me/media/OemjFE89Hog soc.ialis.me/media/eB5mQrBlgwQ

why is witches.town not open when it is 10:26 PM French time?

OK but honestly can I do something about this colour scheme

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