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PMA : “Que cette loi [...] soit votée fin 2019 ou début 2020, ça ne changera pas la face du monde.” Non, juste la vie de milliers de femmes.

Haskell is weird because I see some of the functional idioms I know but they're all hidden behind weird syntax and type signatures

Plus d’un million d’Algérois ont battu le pavé, vendredi 8 mars, en scandant d’une seule voix «non au cinquième mandat» d’Abdelaziz Bouteflika, ou encore «Algérie, une république et non un royaume». #Algérie

linus: *builds a chair*
stallman: *puts a pillow on the chair*
linus: who wants to sit on the chair?
stallman: actually it's pillow plus chair

To be clear, America as in the continent, not USA.

Both North and South.
America consumed 7.6 TiB of weebshit via in February

We Europeans need to step our game up, we only consumed 4.6 TiB of weebshit
"because we're kinky, we're gonna eta-reduce this"

*logs on*
everyone: FUCK COPS
me: like more than normal or what

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