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Now that I've done a lot of progess in my drawing skill, I definitely need to draw again some old sketchs for seing the difference !

"I will not have sex with you for money. If you're interested, hit me up."

In Swedish,
a "dragoon" is a "dragon"
and a "dragon" is a "drake"
and a "drake" is an "andhane"
and "and" is "och"
and "och" is a Gaelic expression of regret and...
I regret my lacking knowledge of more languages, so the word-association chain must now end.

Trente députés LRM dont l’ancien ministre de l’agriculture Stéphane Travert demandent une « réponse de fermeté » à Gilles le Gendre à l’égard d’Agnès Thill après ses propos anti-PMA.

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mr walkman
fetch me a tune
make it the loudest
that you'd ever spoon

*between the two migration steps*
read -p "press thing to uhhh"

parts i love: making bash one-liners that do many things

parts i hate: running that in production

"L’une de mes clientes est démolie. Elle a reçu deux projectiles au visage. Selon les expertises médicales, elle souffre d’un syndrome post-traumatique marqué, et présente des troubles psychologiques similaires à ceux d’une victime de guerre."

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