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Tired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on dec 31st 1999!”
Wired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer on jan 1st 2038”
Inspired: “don’t forget to turn off your computer right now. Go away. It’s not worth it. Leave it.”

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In case someone missed it...
Nowadays when you search on The Pirate Bay, if you get zero hits as a result: try again.
Often the search doesn't actually get its proper results returned until about the tenth time or so that it is performed.
It has been like that for months.
TPB's new owners are apparently incompetent. :-/

Also, if TPB seems to be "down" at any time, it is a good idea to try their official Tor address (uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/) before giving up, as it has occurred that their regular address was down while they were up via Tor.
That does of course require Tor-capability, which can be had by using e.g. the official Tor Browser Bundle:

Here comes zalgo

o̶̦̩̹ ͏̯̩͇͈s̭͓hi̙̺͔̞ͅt͖̞ ̘͇̻̭̝̜w͟ḁ̜d̵̼̱̩͈d͖̬̞͠u͏̭̺̱p̱͝

Les roses sont rouges,
Les violettes sont bleues,
Hmgnrbl café.

any group of three or more straight men is called a podcast

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