"J'ai lu un super article d'une théologienne sur Good Omens qui parlait notamment du rapport à la bouffe d'Aziraphale. Ou alors c'était dans une fanfic, je sais plus."

Slovakia's first female president, Zuzana Čaputová, a lawyer and environmental activist, was sworn in on Saturday, vowing to fight impunity and restore justice in a country largely affected by large-scale political corruption.



techie interviewing for a plumbing job:

"I'm really into plumbing... I maintain a high pressure system at home just for fun from parts I scavenged from various bankrupt manufacturing facilities."

@angristan then use Scala, so you can add to the difficulty :p

La secrétaire d’Etat au droit des femmes trouve « insolite » d’être interpellée le jour où le gouvernement auquel elle appartient s’apprête à s’opposer à l’allongement du délai de l’IVG.


Ce matin, on fait du découpage.

D'abord, séparer les cartes et la maculature (ce sont les feuilles qu'on glisse pendant me séchage pour éviter que chaque exemplaire tâche celui au dessus ou en dessous).

"A Google employee spoke with the Bay Area Reporter on the condition of anonymity about the current mood among LGBTQ Googlers, saying by phone that, "I'm really worried that they [company leadership] don't know how unsustainable this is. They want to have it both ways: to monetize the engagement that comes from really odious content, but to bear no responsibility for it. And all of us queers who work here see how they're getting away with making money off people who hate us while doing nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, most queer creators' channels are demonetized or marked 'adult' because they use words like 'trans.' Google has no right to be at Pride. They're just capitalists. They don't care."

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