for all the shit people give Gargron, you do have to recognize that he was so moved by the abuses of proprietary social media services that instead of working for a tech company and becoming part of the problem, he did something about it.

yes. Gargron is not perfect. but, none of us are. there is no single person who is absolutely free of sin.

yes. there's a lot of things I disagree with him about, like the 300k user instance that is, and the way half of Mastodon's features are designed.

but that doesn't change the fact that he chose to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. and so, as part of my yearly review of what I'm sponsoring on Patreon I decided to give him some of those resources.
reading the elixir's getting started guide section on error handling and the summary of it is "don't do it"

that's how i like my language
@karen I started writing my library with errors but then when I'd basically finished I realised that that's entirely wrong and wrote {:ok, value} 50,000 times and it's now comfy and pattern-matchy

exceptions are for losers
this post brought to you by the tuple gang
I rebel by writing tail call functions in C and watching my stack overflow

> happy valentines day
< happy valence times day
> happy surveillance times day
< :blobcatsurprised:

@jk My late grandfather once saw a musical called "Chickens" at a small local theatre; as far as I can tell it was some kind of parody of "Cats," and it made a big impression because he talked about it for years afterward.

I'm hanging out in an artistic squat tonight :)

Je reviens de voir La Favorite. J'étais pas hyper convaincue de mon choix, et puis en fait, c'est par Yórgos Lánthimos (The Lobster), donc le weird est bien là, et c'est un trio amoureux de femmes puissantes, jouées par des actrices au top. C'était franchement bien. (Bonus 🐇)

Remember when Jesus fed a whole crowd of people with just 2 cheeseburgers, a niner mcnuggets (2 packs sweet sour) and a mcflurry?

Les étoiles que j'ai finalement faites à la plume parce que finalement le tampon éyait naze

Il sera entier à l'expo de mars à toulouse :3


08.02: Several hundred demonstrated in against police brutality, racism and fascism. In memory of Zineb Redouane, 80, was seriously injured in the face by a tear gas grenade thrown by police in her apartment. She died Sunday, December 2 at the hospital.

This Fibonacci joke is as bad as the last two Fibonacci jokes you heard combined

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