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The woman sitting next to me sprayed perfume. We're in an office, she's in a t-shirt and worst of all wearing toe-less Converse All-Stars that are like the bastard child of a flip-flop and a sneaker.

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Don’t you think it’s about time they started calling it

-American after 9-11 voice- they hate us for our takes

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aggressively terrible






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/r/relationships: My pirate boyfriend (412m) is accusing me (23f) of stealing his dubloons.

‪The musical cats but it’s about gamers‬

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i bet there's some weird fucker that made cheese out of breast milk or something and then wrote a new york times article about it

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just imagine what posting would be like... if we DIDNT live in a society

my parents just joked 'are your friends cryptids because we never see them.' little do they know the power i have...

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why don't the hot girls simply turn on their air conditioners?

why does imagine dragons want us to imagine dragons?

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