apparently some people are watching sports tonight, when they could be watching donkey kong... don't know about this...

@goodleftyfundies He sent his son (who is himself) so that he himself (in the form of his son) could die as a sacrificial attonement for other people breaking rules that he himself made thousands of years before and neglected to tell most people about.

i am watching a man stream donkey 64 while his cohosts talk about societal problems caused by systemic racism

@goodleftyfundies there’s actually an old parable about that. The answer in the parable is “arranging marriages.”

Twitter may have the Trump takes, but here is something that Twitter does not have: wound cube

Normalise not knowing things.

You don't need to always know things, and you don't need an opinion on everything.

In fact, sometimes it's better to not know things. That means you have the chance to learn something new!

@friskywhiskers she could throw away my whole house and i would thank her

Marie Kondo Decides Not To Throw You Away [ASMR]

Mastodon is crumbling and it's probably because you added too much flour or baked it too long

horny people have no rights. horny people are NOT protected under the constitution. if you are horny i WILL find you and then you will be sorry buster. unfollow me right fucking now if you are horny, have ever been horny, or ever will be horny. this is not a joke. please leave.

i actually love this new trend of putting gold on fancy food. it's good when rich people poison themselves

getting pissed off at anyone who tries to be aesthetic or make generally good posts

i wonder if my wife, the sea, misses me

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