Who must I speak to about having songs on mastodon profiles like early 2000s Myspace

Mastodon doesn't punish you for living your life.

It doesn't actively take metrics of your interactions to gauge your social or cultural capital.

Never will it demand that you post this much to be or stay relevant to the community, disappearing into the void if you don't meet The Quota.

So please, for the love of toot, take breaks whenever you feel you need to! We'll be here when you get back! :patcat:

@goodleftyfundies There's a few I'd consider close to maybe as good/better depending on your personal opinion:


It’s been over 10 years... I feel like something should’ve surpassed children of men by now? But I’m not sure anything has?

I think tv shows like the expanse and stranger things are better... maybe the good stuffs just on tv now

Has any sci-fi film been better than children of men since children of men came out?

These two ex-Lyft employees want to replace burger joints with BioBricks

These two ex-Airbnb engineers want to replace fairs with behavior-based robotics

These two ex-Palantir employees want to replace Falafel restaurants with the Tweel

These two ex-Pinterest employees want to replace gift shops with haptic suits

These two ex-Google designers want to replace convenience stores with neuroprosthetics

These two ex-SnapChat designers want to replace music festivals with BrightSource Energy

Everyone always asks ‘where do babies come from’ but no one asks ‘how do babies come from’ :(

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