Crapped my pants in my Ferrari

Under communism that gum you like is going to come back in style

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My wife frantically called me into the bedroom to see our cats touching paws

One will protect you. The other three will try to kill you. Choose wisely...

howard zinn's you can't be neutral on a moving milk hotel

screw Neutral Milk Hotel, i prefer a milk hotel that can pick a side!

The real gamer fuel is the friends we made along the way

honestly rude to name your company Amazon if you don't come from a society of powerful warrior women

Rise and grind. Let’s get this body of Christ

Okay, serious question. Does anybody know of good, thoughtful responses to "The Body of Law" (the The Economist run-down of trans rights issues)? I'd reallllly love to read a good take on it.

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gay communists
FOSS techies
furries (heavy overlap with both of the above)

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