Joe Arpaio is coming to fresno tonight to speak. DSA Fresno will be there to give him a warm welcome 😉 5PM at Sunnyside Events, Fresno if you'd like to join in!

@wxl @coldwarwho That's not to say that DSA isn't opposed to imperialism against countries like the DPRK. But you can be against imperialism and simultaneously not support the ideology of the state you're defending.

@coldwarwho @wxl But again. There's plenty of people in the DSA who like DPRK and liked the USSR a lot.

It's just that we're called democratic socialists for a reason. We believe that the people should be in control, not a dictator.

The views of the maintaner of this account are not necessarily accurate or the facts.

@wxl @coldwarwho yeah I mean DSA is a very diverse group in terms of opinions, it's multitendancy.

In terms of supporting socialist countries, if you're referring to the DPRK or Venezuela, support within the organization varies but my guess would be thatmore often than not a DSA member would reject the concept that those countries are socialist or that they should be supported, because they're ruled by totalitarians and commit terrible human rights violations.

Danny Fetonte stepped down! This is a relief for most of us. ☺

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30,000 by hal🎃ween is our goal. :D

Image Caption: several white men play golf. Visible from where they're standing an entire forested hillside is blazing in an inferno, releasing billows of smoke into the air and darkening the golf course.

Text on the picture reads

"A better world is possible."

Universal healthcare should be free at point of use.

You should call Senator Sanders at (202) 224-5141 and tell him to drop copays from his singlepayer bill, if you have a minute. ☺

Hey, our chapter wants to move to riseup for our email; anyone able to give us an invite code? ♥

We are many, and they are few ~

Joining an organization is an empowering thing. It allows you to work together in a more coherent way and make *real* change.

Join the DSA. The stronger and more unified the left is, the sooner capitalism and the right wing can be overthrown ☺

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@nonazinohow yeah but democratic socialists are not the same thing as social democrats.

There ARE some social democrats in the ranks of DSA, and that's fine in the short term because our near goals (single-payer, tuition-free university, sensible wellfare) are the same, but the majority of DSA members are *not* social democrats and do, in fact, want the end of capitalism.


Hey, the Georgetown YDSA ( doesn't get university funding and wants to have pizza at their upcoming meeting. 🍕

If you wanna throw a buck or two their way to help them out, their Venmo is GeorgetownYDSA

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