The concept that DSA isn't anticapitalist is a myth I see floating around.

DSA is, in fact, an anticapitalist organization. Officially, it describes itself as one, and members tend to be quite vocal about it.

The membership of DSA is made up of people with a diverse range of views, from social democrats to anarcho-syndicalists, because DSA isn't a political party and doesn't have a 'party line', but almost any member you meet will believe capitalism doesn't work and should be overthrown and replaced with a socialist system.

The concept of eliminating captialism and taking collective control of the means of production is in our constitution.

I, the person running this account, don't know any active DSA member of my local chapter who ISN'T an anticapitalist.

(Re-posted, fixing significant typo of is -> isn't)

@dsa_fresno But social democrats are capitalists! They may want some band-aids over it, but that is pretty much the definition of what social democrats are.

@nonazinohow yeah but democratic socialists are not the same thing as social democrats.

There ARE some social democrats in the ranks of DSA, and that's fine in the short term because our near goals (single-payer, tuition-free university, sensible wellfare) are the same, but the majority of DSA members are *not* social democrats and do, in fact, want the end of capitalism.

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