awoo350penalty is gaining followers steadily but it's mostly slowed down because i think most people don't even fucken know it exists. that's alright i'm just gonna lay low until like september and if i survive the end of the purges i'll figure out how to rebrand in a way that makes it clear i'm doggeaux only without having to make it too clear to da twitta cops

today the callout discourse came back so i would just like to humbly remind everyone that whoever sides against me on that is a certified fucker

i forgot that i had this account on this instance from forever ago

oh well i'm keeping this around for left discourse, assuming discussion on here becomes robust enough to necessitate me doing discourse on here and not on social

please note that on today, this 4/20, we are only ever destined to be Stoned once... yes folks... its the "Tomb Stone"... of our Graves... our eventual Deaths...

don't you get it

if you die on mastodon you die in real life

hey mastodon users, how about you "boost" me directly into the ocean, where i will drown

on here the equivalent of RTs are called "boost"s but really we're all going to just keep calling them RTs, which i like to imagine stands for "retoots"

hate having to click the "toot!" button like some sickening flatulence fetishist mastodon

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