I hate being bipolar ok wait this is epic

boost if you're fuckibg tired all the damn time

if this gets 100 boosts i'll make a video essay outlining why the Wallace and Gromit model train chase scene is the best action scene in all of modern cinema

people aren't talking about John McCain on here, it's great

*to the tune of the Cheers theme song*
sometimes you wanna go where everybody boosts your meme

hi friendly reminder that i have two adorable kittens

1 fave = 1 vigorous belly rub for clementine
1 boost = 1 soft and gentle chin rub for kijo

Extended expiration dates for EpiPen after stability review - you might be able to hang onto the one you've got longer than originally thought. Lot numbers & new dates here:


#allergies #epipen #foodallergy #foodallergies

hope everybody is having a good day, or whatever the relative version of that is for you

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