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you, a nazi: the 14 words
me, an intellectual: the 28 strokes

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"No es posible instaurar el reinado de la barbarie sin una doctrina de la barbarie."

- Ernesto Sábato

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So, Brazil is likely headed towards a fascist future.

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Millions of women demonstrated today in Spain. Very impressive images. There is hope, it's in the streets.

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Quite a revealing story from the BBC on : "I had imagined this opposition to Assad didn't have people with criminal backgrounds in the ranks - What he found instead was brutal and petty squabbling between different Islamist factions, more harmful than helpful to Syrian civilians."

is the last week of my internship and suddenly there's a huge influx of work to do, great.

"Calais migrants: Five shot in mass brawl"

we dehumanize and colonize people, then when they try to come to the rich countries they are sent to these "buffer" refugee camps with no future, and when there's a burst of violence in these communities, we sent the police. a perpetual cycle of domination.

re: eastwood's the 15:17 to paris

every antiterrorist thing needs to be turned into a hagiography now. apparently americans have a special "hero" gene in their dna and they just do "heroic" stuff wherever they go.

. maybe i'm pessimistic, but it seems to me that the ypg has burn all its bridges.

"a revolutionary organization is not converted into the vanguard by the act of calling itself such. to be the vanguard it is necessary to act and accumulate a convincing revolutionary practice, since action alone makes the vanguard." - carlos marighella

someone on etsy is selling a red guard armband that belonged to a "factory worker who joined the movement in the 60's" Show more

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Today marks 99 years since german social democrats killed Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. Never forgive, never forget.

just heard how "hawaiians were terrified about the thought of the north korean regime fulfilling its promise of destruction".

even the u.s' fuck-ups need to be blamed on the dprk lol