follow me because... just fucking do it! half the shit you've heard about me is untrue, and the other half is probably true but not really lol

I think I know the cause of the low framerates in games: my computer's fan doesn't work so naturally it's throttling when it gets hot. So I'll just do low-tech gaming. Like Cataclysm DDA, Freedoom, interactive ficton, and old point-and-click games like Beneath a Steel Sky.

is cool

except that there's no nethack, cataclysm dda is ancient, and gzdoom dependency fails to compile

Destroy Frieza
I am Goku
410,757,864,530 DEAD SAIYANS

Whoah, my mastodon instance just became closed to registrations. It's a good thing I signed up a while back, I guess.

When you accidentally DD'd your external hard drive and all your Dragon Ball Z episodes, and you have to make do with...

[Dragon Ball Z Abridged](

*sigh.* Thought I'd be installing GuixSD tonight. Instead, it seems my external drive might have been a bit corrupted from when I tried to restore files after DDing it. So I wiped it again, encrypted it, and now I'm downloading isos and backing up my home folder to it.

Why do people say nobody knows what happens when someone dies? It's the same thing that happens to your data when you throw your hard drive in a fire: that person is gone, forever, except for your memories of them. Is there an afterlife for every file that I've `wipe`d off my hard drive? I think we're all just data in our brains.

Could someone from the South hemisphere send me a picture of the stars? I must test whether or not the world is flat.Don't judge me, this is for science.

Hellooo I'm Copenhagen_bram, also known as Elon_Satoshi some places, from Reddit and Raddle. Whaasuuuuup? mastodon

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