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from Switzerland to Rojava and from Rojava to Switzerland
One struggle one fight!
more then 1000 comrades marched through downtown , against the upcoming World Economic Forum in .

Torino in corteo per sostenere chi combatte l'Isis

Rally in Derry tonight in support of Kurdish hunger striker Leyla Güven MP.
Sinn Féin representative Hayleigh Fleming said "“We must stand with Leyla Güven as the international community stood with us during the hunger strikes of 1981.”

corteo "Siamo tutti YPG-YPJ". Centinaia di persone portano solidarietà ai 5 giovani.
La procura ha chiesto la sorveglianza speciale e il divieto di dimora, una misura fuori dal tempo, che criminalizza chi ha combattuto per la libertà del mondo intero

BOYCOTT TURKEY! TOURISM FUNDS KURDISH GENOCIDE! Take actions to educate your neighbourhoods about how tourist money will be used to fund Turkey’s war machine and their proxy militia

✌️Today gave out hundreds of leaflets at the NYC women's marches, calling for solidarity with the feminist revolution in . Marchers were excited to learn that will join as a featured speaker at our Jan 27, 2 pm rally in Union Square


"Solidarity is the tenderness of the people". Best greetings back to Mi'kma'ki from the CommuneInt
@communeint @DefenseUnits @DefenseUnitsYPJ Support from the Mi'kma'ki (in so called Canada)

Solidarity subvertising for @communeint & @GreenRojava

Design by @paul_insect for @dogsectionpress. Read more from @debbiebookchin:


Всем демократическим силам: Защищайте Демократическую Федерацию Северной Сирии! Декларация и призыв к действию Интернациональной Коммуны Рожавы.

To break the isolation of Abdullah Öcalan is to defend the revolution of Rojava
Solidarity with the hunger strikes from the Internationalist Commune of Rojava -

From Girkê Legê today - In solidarity with

Angela Davis writes letter to We should follow the example and leadership of Leyla Güven in protesting the isolation of Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, who is recognized as the chief negotiator representing the Kurds in the peace talks with Turkey.

Today, young Kurdish activists occupied offices of the German broadcasting institution WDR to make them report on the situation of hunger striking Kurdish MP

Join us to put preassure on those supporting the jihadists. Alot of countries are involved in this and if you whant to join us, write a pm or check out our post about things that you can do, share this video and follow our page for things to come!"

technology transfers, and by extension supporting Turkey's al-Qaida affiliated militias. They are supporting reactionary jihadists, that cuts the heads of children, kills homosexuals and women accused of adultery, this against progressive, democratic rule based on equality.

If the fact that their boots on the ground are al-Qaida affiliates doesn’t make that argument ring hollow, their comparatively good relations with ISIS should. In all of this madness we see Western governments and defence contractors supporting Turkey through arms and military

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