"From the mountains of Kurdistan, to all democratic & revolutionary youth worldwide"

Roni Baz talks about internationalism, an common struggle against Turkish fascism and of a global democratic confederalism!

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Fight for Rojava! Ab 19:00 heute im Antifa Café @ EKH Wielandgasse 2-4. Kommt vorbei!


: *** Where actions take place ***
Global Days of Actions 27.-28. January 2019
Many organizations and groups around the world followed the call of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, to defend the revolution in Rojava.

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Comrades from send greetings to the five Italian friends prosecuted for their work in

Internationalist solidarity is not a crime!



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Der globale Aktionstag zieht Kreise - Freund*innen aus Costa Rica haben uns gerade ihr Poster für den Tag geschickt: sie schaffen einen offenen Raum für Aktionen & zur Vermittlung der Inhalte der Revolution in Rojava.

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Whatever the price may be, we will prevail!

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Concentración: No a la Guerra en el Norte de . Por una Siria en paz, de y federal.

En el domingo 27 de Enero a las 12h en Tirso de Molina

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Concentració de suport a la Revolució de Rojava aquest diumenge!

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📢 Today is the 1st anniversary of the beginning of thd resistance of against the fascist state occupation.
[THREAD] Demonstration in Dêrik.


"War starts here - Resistance as well"
Relly 25.1 / 3pm / Arnulfstr. 61, 80636 Munic / Germany
Mercedes sells vehicles to the Turkish military. Daimler-Benz is complicit in the war against the Kurdish population and the impending war against Rojava

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