"From the mountains of Kurdistan, to all democratic & revolutionary youth worldwide"

Roni Baz talks about internationalism, an common struggle against Turkish fascism and of a global democratic confederalism!

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Fight for Rojava! Ab 19:00 heute im Antifa Café @ EKH Wielandgasse 2-4. Kommt vorbei!


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Comrades from send greetings to the five Italian friends prosecuted for their work in

Internationalist solidarity is not a crime!



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Der globale Aktionstag zieht Kreise - Freund*innen aus Costa Rica haben uns gerade ihr Poster für den Tag geschickt: sie schaffen einen offenen Raum für Aktionen & zur Vermittlung der Inhalte der Revolution in Rojava.

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Whatever the price may be, we will prevail!

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Concentración: No a la Guerra en el Norte de . Por una Siria en paz, de y federal.

En el domingo 27 de Enero a las 12h en Tirso de Molina

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Concentració de suport a la Revolució de Rojava aquest diumenge!

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📢 Today is the 1st anniversary of the beginning of thd resistance of against the fascist state occupation.
[THREAD] Demonstration in Dêrik.


from Switzerland to Rojava and from Rojava to Switzerland
One struggle one fight!
more then 1000 comrades marched through downtown , against the upcoming World Economic Forum in .

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Torino in corteo per sostenere chi combatte l'Isis tinyurl.com/yd5a9wdf

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Rally in Derry tonight in support of Kurdish hunger striker Leyla Güven MP.
Sinn Féin representative Hayleigh Fleming said "“We must stand with Leyla Güven as the international community stood with us during the hunger strikes of 1981.”

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