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We setup a mastodon account . Because twitter keep's blocking us and we like the idea of an decentralized federal system. So come and follow us there. So you stay in touch next time twitter decides to block the account again

"From the mountains of Kurdistan, to all democratic & revolutionary youth worldwide"

Roni Baz talks about internationalism, an common struggle against Turkish fascism and of a global democratic confederalism!

Fight for Rojava! Ab 19:00 heute im Antifa Café @ EKH Wielandgasse 2-4. Kommt vorbei!

: *** Where actions take place ***
Global Days of Actions 27.-28. January 2019
Many organizations and groups around the world followed the call of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, to defend the revolution in Rojava.

Comrades from send greetings to the five Italian friends prosecuted for their work in

Internationalist solidarity is not a crime!

Der globale Aktionstag zieht Kreise - Freund*innen aus Costa Rica haben uns gerade ihr Poster für den Tag geschickt: sie schaffen einen offenen Raum für Aktionen & zur Vermittlung der Inhalte der Revolution in Rojava.

Whatever the price may be, we will prevail!

Concentración: No a la Guerra en el Norte de . Por una Siria en paz, de y federal.

En el domingo 27 de Enero a las 12h en Tirso de Molina

Concentració de suport a la Revolució de Rojava aquest diumenge!

📢 Today is the 1st anniversary of the beginning of thd resistance of against the fascist state occupation.
[THREAD] Demonstration in Dêrik.

"War starts here - Resistance as well"
Relly 25.1 / 3pm / Arnulfstr. 61, 80636 Munic / Germany
Mercedes sells vehicles to the Turkish military. Daimler-Benz is complicit in the war against the Kurdish population and the impending war against Rojava

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