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love logging onto gay dot website er I mean fediverse dot com

*looking at how much money successful youtubers make*
tch yeah well I could be internet famous too if I was cool or interesting or attractive or creative or fun or

Hi my sleeping schedule is completely messed up and I just woke up. πŸ‘‹β€‹

I'm tired and not sure how incoherent I am right now Show more

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CROW FACT: they're watching us. sometimes they use our technology as a tool to get food, ie timing dropping a nut on the road with a traffic light change so a car drives over it and cracks it

my art, it's a bit abstract? also there's a femboy Show more

Long message, PS4 players should read this, concerns consoles getting bricked, PSA Show more

wishing i had my net flicks subscription right now... getting behind on the BBCU (boss baby cinematic universe) is taking a toll on my mental and physical well being...

I never did watch Brooklyn 99. people told me it was funny, but I don't think cops are funny.

Fascism, cry for help Show more

It's my birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ•―οΈCan I get some BOOSTS!!!!!!!!

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going to post some piccies from today's cemetery trip ✨

I looooove these small bobbly mushrooms, I cannot look at them without wanting to rub my hands all over them

Catgirls are meowtiful!
Catboys are purrsome!
Nyanbies are nyantastic!

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