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My brain is entirely fog, I'm exhausted, and so tired of this hormone schedule fucking up my school abilities, but my new earrings are on point

//become the love that we sow / into this city we grow//

Today I slept until 12:30, then I did some organizing, booked my birthday tattoo appointment, organized the documents folder on my computer, AND did my taxes. :O

My back and neck has hated me all day, but I can actually FIND documents now. :D

So the nurse told me extremely the wrong thing on the phone last week and I was NOT supposed to drop from 100mg to 50mg at once, instead THIS is what's supposed to happen, which will be annoying but manageable.

It was at this point this morning that the rain penetrated my raincoat, my down jacket, my fleece hoodie, AND my long sleeve shirt (and my socks, tights, gloves, and jeans). I've been trying to dry them out through each class and I just got home and draped them over everything. They're still damp and I'm freezing.

But I am in my bed under 2 comforters, a plush blanket, and boneless hug, while also in my plushie bathrobe and plushy pants so MAYBE I will stop being cold and gain feeling that isn't an icy dull ache in my fingers in an hour.

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This weekend I'm in Ben Lomond for an organizing camp!

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I have a full day of school, but woke up with an upset stomach that is turning into exhaustion, brainfog, muscle tension, and queasiness now. 😬

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