I should be in awe of all I've been able to accomplish and stay on top of this semester with all my health problems, instead I feel guilty for being sick and disappointed in myself for not doing more even THOUGH I'm doing the best I can with shit health and 0 mana.

Bleh. I have an 11 hour day at school and my neck hurts like hell and I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night so I'm already fucking *exhausted*

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Trying to get my brain out of "what's next" mode so I can rest maybe. :P

Me: sleeeep
My brain: cool prom is over, now we have to figure out class presentations, get organizing to count as school credit, email ballet teacher about dropping, scan receipts, submit independent expenditure for campaigning, set up a meeting with classmates for finals, homework...

My last name is Darkwater for a reason is all I'm saying

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I feel too awful to do ballet and too depressed to function and I have meetings I need to be present for and only 2 spoons... So I'm skipping ballet to sit on the lake for a little bit with my pup niece

I'm irritated that I am in a shit load of pain from yesterday and that I had to spend several unexpected hours moving furniture, but my new office *is* nicer and has windows now.

Monied folx better bring cookies or something tho to make up for my back and arms HATING me.

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