The ebfe space is getting roommates who are paying more than we are, and as is the way of all things, we have to move our shit to somewhere else in the space so the monied folx can have the offices we were using. 😡😡😡😡

I have classes until late so I can't move my office with everyone today. Instead, I went down yesterday and moved my entire office across half a city block of vastness all by myself and this morning my shoulder is fuuuuuuuuucked and I'm grumpy that this was just fucking sprung on us with no warning.

In addition, the monied folx are presumably storing all their "light construction" materials in the other rooms we are supposed to be moving to which means the group tonight has to empty those rooms of the monied folx shit before we can move our fucking offices.

Kindly, fuck rich people.


I'm irritated that I am in a shit load of pain from yesterday and that I had to spend several unexpected hours moving furniture, but my new office *is* nicer and has windows now.

Monied folx better bring cookies or something tho to make up for my back and arms HATING me.

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