I don't understand people who are like "I can't focus at home it's too distracting" how???? There's so many things happening in campus all the time, home is quiet and isolated???

The entire semester of night classes is gonna be fun lol. When Spanish starts I will probably just need to stay on campus from 2:15-6 and try to do homework... But I have a REALLY hard time concentrating at school bc I can't control the environment like I can at home 😬

I want to go to the because it's the only one I'll be able to make all Semester and the board president asked me to come but also I'm fucking freezing in my apartment and whyfor is outside?

it's so grounding and I've always loved how graceful and powerful it makes me feel at the same time. Also there are dudes and there's another enby who may or may not be in *my* class but is in *a* class. :3

Tfw super excited to do ballet again but also completely anxious about changing in gender segregated rooms on campus and not sure if the closest single stall is even open. 🙃

Boneless Hug has been too heavy since going rock climbing so I've just added 2 more blankets to my bed so 1) I don't freeze and 2) I'm still burritoed to the bed

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Now I'm gonna take a break and play Destiny2 before I prove how poor I am to CalFresh

Annnnnd my room is ready for the semester to hit it 😬

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