Laying on my stomach to sleep seems to be helpful. Also boneless hug on my back

And stomach is grumpy. See, this is why I'm staying in the living room

I'm also really gassy bc my tummy is still upset and that isn't helping :P

And I sleep in the livingroom bc it's easier to be found or change locations if something goes wrong

I hate it when I go through periods of time where I'm nocturnal because anxiety

I'm also super sensitive to cold which is making my body tense which makes me anxious so my plan is to play Destiny under blankets and my plushie bathrobe to expel some of the angst, then maybe vent more, then hopefully fall asleep. Probably on the couch

Bodies are hard. I know most of what I'm feeling right now is anxiety but that is not making it stop. My body is super sensitive to any stress right now, including anger at everything. I feel like I need to write my feelings out but they are alot. It would probably make me feel better tho.

The source was a rag. It's now in a bag, and the fumes are starting to dissipate

I'm frustrated that it took me this long to figure out but I've been dealing with health and insomnia shit all semester so the sudden intense worsening just seemed par for the course :(

Context: there is a scooter that is being hacked on and the supplies for fixing it are in the room that my room is partitioned off of (parchment floor dividers), so all the fumes are just lingering around my bedroom and insulation is fake so it also wafts into the livingroom.

Moving the air purifier out here has already helped a little

I guess I could also wear a respirator but that's exhausting

TIL: I'm realllly sensitive to fumes from oil and gas. As soon as I left my partner's room that had an air purifier running and walked out to the common areas where the fumes from gas and oil have been wafting all over my chest got tight and I needed my inhaler.

So now I've sealed off the living room and am bringing out the air purifier in hopes of being able to breathe until we move the things somewhere I can't breathe them in

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