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RT [Kurdish Democratic Social Centre, Sweden, ~20h ago]:
The hunger strike has now begun in Stockholm. The people entered the Sankt Klara Church at noon but are now on their way to Sergelstorg where they will continue their strike.

This post refuses to show up in my own "Home" column of the home instance's default webUI, even if loaded on an entirely new device via a different network (so not a local caching issue),
but it does show up just fine if one checks the "local timeline" or checks my page specifically.

Listening to "A Peopleโ€™s History of the World" by Chris Harman (
As far as I've gotten, it's very good and completely in line with the facts as I know them from many lectures on the topics at CARTA and various universities.

To get you hooked, here's 2 hours and a bit over 10 minutes as a sample for you.

Some express the view that anyone can express any opinion and legitimize it with "I have the right to my opinion!".

Well, you may have the right to believe "Mercury is natural and therefore can not be harmful. Ergo, replace air with mercury"... but that does not mean anyone must accept it as legitimate.
You can have it and express it, but it's still plain wrong.

Other ideas, like "kill newborns because of what some believe about their grand-grand-grand-[โ€ฆ]-grand-grand parents"...
it's an opinion that is theoretically possible to hold, but even expressing it as if valid generates acceptance and thus should not be accepted by anyone, so the immediate response should "then my opinion is that I now refuse to have anything to do with you, until you stop promoting that".
Important that it's explicit, so they know it happens because of what they choose to do, as with all boycotts.

Some days are just... special.

I wake up, read and act on 4 short messages, then go
-Ah, great start. Now, let's consider what fun stuff we'll do for the rest of the day...

But Immediately my eyes scream in response:
-No! We're done for today. We're going to our room!
-What, but... We just woke up. I was just gonna start doing stu...
-We said NO! [slams door]
-Ooookay then. Goodnight to us then, I suppose.

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In case anyone else needs it:
I found how one can extract the text from an Instagram-post (they otherwise obstruct this normal behavior).
Just add "" before the address,
so e.g. "" becomes "".

Hunger strike for ร–calan announced by and an invitation to press conference for the hunger strike.
My translations:

About 20 years ago, when I had just been so burnt out by work and earlier life that I couldn't even be bothered to breathe until I fainted, I came up with an idea I wished existed:

A "wall" website where people could just scribble their thoughts no matter how deep or light, while only knowing it's POSSIBLE that someone sees it, but not expecting any result whatsoever.
I felt it would help people that needed an outlet but had none appropriate.

About 10 years later, I tried the concept "microblogging" as a tool to help improve the world,
which has now developed into asocial networks and there we are, my "wall" is real, here.

I was wrong.
I don't like spending hours writing about what's the most urgent in the world to me because I hope to see results, to then just see it drift off into silence.

Sharing is magic.
Sharing makes burdens smaller,
while also making joys larger.
Sharing is the magic of human nature in its extreme,
voluntarily building implicit social webs from strands of empathy, wherein we catch each other when we fall... and everyone wins without competing.
Sharing is magic.

Tumblr bans all "adult content",
to which it categorizes e.g. "female" nipples (but not "male" nipples).

Well, this is what's called being "Yahoo!d".
Get bought by Yahoo!, then wait a while and then get some most used functions broken by the new overlords because they only bought a revenue stream without understanding what it was, which then a while later declares that they are surprised and sad but the once profitable product they bought is now no longer used and therefore they abolish it.
They even did it to their own main function, when they were mainly yet another hierarchically ordered organizer. They have long ago abolished that function, even though it was the only search function they were good at.

Yahoo! would probably be better run by a board of children.

Similar to the infamous acts of historically extreme dictators and the worst religious zealots, Mozilla Corporation now pretends no Firefox-plugins even existed before switching to a watered down version of the less open technology of its largest competitor (paradoxically also AFAIK largest revenue source) in Google Chrome's "WebExtensions" (e.g. no longer exists, after having been an officially "Featured Add-On" and one of the most popular of all) and even burned the past of the extensions that managed to jump back on to the self-sunk ship (e.g. now starts at 1.6, the first after converting to "WebExtensions").

I added a comment to my recently revised recommendations for using the Pale Moon browser as a replacement for the Firefox now nerfed by the central committee's decree, that some may find useful:

Xenophobia is the instinctive initial reaction that all animals have to survive,
the reaction that makes us briefly react to everything unknown with fear, like a baby crying when introduced to the concept of balloons.

The next instant step of instinct once the unknown is seen not immediately lethal is curiosity, to examine what was feared closer and identifying what it actually is to often find the unknown once known to be something liked.
This second phrase of instinct is why we have things like scary movies and skydiving.

Some don't push past the initial fear and when the fear is allowed to remain, it putrefies into irrational aversion: hate of the unknown other causing harm both to self and others.
Often this is due to an environment encouraging social cowardice or hinder the perceptions that would identify the unknown as beneficial; sometimes it is just mental laziness.

I've been thinking about a week about how to solve the problem of liberatory people recent years ceding the fienld to the Fascists' "meme-wars", etc and what I have at this time is:


Please don't demand content warnings from strangers. Content warnings are a sort of social contract between an author and their followers; if you are not happy with how someone chooses to use them, do not follow that person or outright mute them, or mute words.

One of the most alienating experiences on Mastodon I've observed is when someone posts about something they're passionate about or is part of their identity and the first response is "please cw that" from a complete stranger.


So, yeah, as things stand right now,
I'm done with all disactive "social media" as of now and indefinitely.

My main purpose for over a decade was to share important news that others and I had found,
but as that has here and recently before elsewhere devolved into me mumbling myself to a heart attack while struggling though increasing blindness to find unreported emergencies,
it's not fucking worth it.
t's not what it was and it's now pointless.

Go ahead requipping/boosting/whatevering your mutual group-feelgoodiness and cat-pics,
while we all burn together.
Especially you that only appear to demand CW-tags, but ignore everything that is CW-tagged. You're literally worse than twitter-trolls.
No, it's fine. It's fine. It's fโ€ฆ

I have sometimes been asked and answered this question, but I think it may be something many would have use of knowing (and some don't dare ask):
If you want to uฬฒnฬฒdฬฒeฬฒrฬฒlฬฒiฬฒnฬฒeฬฒ or oฬถvฬถeฬถrฬถsฬถtฬถrฬถiฬถkฬถeฬถ words in systems that only accept text input (like here on GNUsocial/Mastodon), then those are very handily available as unicode-character translation websites.

Just... be aware that some people may use clients that can't handle it (but should in 2018) so there COULD be misunderstandings as a result.
Probably not, but... there you go.

It seems to have become a common stance among developers that they should just create their own software-delivery systems and then other devs tell the users of their stuff to install several delivery systems separate from their platforms' integrated system.

That seems to me as if we have now forgotten the "dependency hell" that we used to have and managed to dig ourselves out of.

Proper package-management doesn't just "deliver the latest release", but checks for compatibilities with all other packages and defers release until they are compatible, possibly through their own patches.

One system should ideally just have one package-manager and an admin(group) that knows all the details of softwares that don't have packages yet, but should get included there.

It's not just about content, but also about quality assurance.

@jasper Hey, I just had been thinking it for a while so I thought I should say it:
I want to thank you for sharing my posts forward with others.
I (of course) don't keep actual statistics, but even before you followed my account you were one of my most frequent forwarders. To avoid some improbable misunderstanding, this is not about "my account getting attention/growing" (IDGAF about that), just that you know... I'm posting stuff that I think is important because I want it to be known and I appreciate your help in that.

As you may have seen in my pinned post, I am severely limited in accounts I follow, not by wish but by my recent lack of eyesight (but of course, feel free to send major things you think I missed and would find use for, if you want to ;-)).

In short: <3

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