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More pics from Climate Strike demos today:
路 Melbourne (EPA).
路 Madrid (EPA).
路 Bern (EPA).
路 London (EPA).

More pics from Climate Strike demos today:
路 Hong Kong (EPA).
路 Florence (AP).
路 Cape Town (AP).
路 Warsaw (EPA).

Some Climate Strike pictures from today:
路 Heldenplatz, Vienna, Austria (Leonhard Foeger/Reuters)
路 Lisbon, Portugal (Rafael Marchante/Reuters).
路 Outside New Zealand's parliament in Wellington, New Zealand (Boris Jancic/AAP Image).
路 South Australia's Parliament House in Adelaide, Australia (Mark Brake/AAP Image).

"Map over locations in the world where the climate manifestation is arranged on Friday."
By HBL using and openstreetmap.

Pics from climate strike in Lund, south Sweden today.
By Ingemar D Kristiansen/SDS

Climate Strike in Stockholm today.

Last pic is Greta Thunberg, 16, initiator of the global climate strike wave, today joined by classmates in the picture.

Pics: Lotte Fernvall/AB

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MT [anti-fascist network, Finland]:
in gathered more than 1000 young people and children who want to act against . Several thousand people around Finland.

is in Finnish social media.

Interesting interview.
Derek Black, son of the Nazi founder of Stormfront, on leaving the "White Nationalist" world and ideology, as well as on how to counter racism:

Update: Norway's justice minister takes leave after partner was arrested on suspicion she set fire to the family鈥檚 car.
Police investigate whether the partner was involved in the five earlier car vandalism incidents.

Since last Wednesday 15 villagers got envelopes with up to 鈧100 in.
Some got messages like "princess of the household <3".
The ~800 villagers are trying to figure out who "Robin Hood of Villarramiel" in Spain is.
Some recipients reported it to police, but no crime suspected.

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The Lay Judge that called Elin Ersson "a criminal" online before participating in the conviction without notifying the Chief Justice of the "obvious bias" has now been indefinitely removed from the assignment as Lay Judge by the District Court of Gothenburg.
Ersson and lawyer have requested retrial.

A car of the Minister of Justice of Norway (xenophobe "Progress Party") was set on fire outside his home during the weekend. It was widely reported as a threat.
On Thursday, the PST (equivalent of FBI) arrested the cohabitant partner of the Minister for falsified threat and is suspected of having caused the fire.

Northern life...
This unicorn reindeer has taken to hanging out at the local food store at Riksgr盲nsen, northernmost Sweden.
"I go out with rye bread to him, he is really kind 鈥 Then he disappears for an hour before he comes back again", laughs the store owner.
On a visit to a nearby hotel, the reindeer kicked a person in the head. "It's a wild animal, so one has to treat it accordingly", says the store owner.

Probably the main reason parliamentarian States keep violently suppressing anarchism to such an excess is that its existence negates their claim to being "the free world",
simply by striving for an actual free world, based on equal cooperation instead of imposed inequality.

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