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Video of dockworkers striking yesterday at Port of Holmsund, north Sweden.
Part of the long fight for their right to be represented by their union, as everyone else.
Employers still refuse talking until all strikes end and blame union for "losses could be billions", while the union retorted they were on strike 3 hours, while employer locked out for 12 hours.

ร–calan's freedom is the women's and the women's freedom is the freedom of the whole humanity.
Today in we are marching for our freedom.
Join us!

: During mass anti-government demonstration against state repression and corruption in Port-au-Prince today. Several major roads blocked with fire, luxury cars torched and at least two police vehicles damaged. Dozens of protesters arrested, many seriously injured.

The day after a report stated the "largest wildfire in Sweden's history" and others during the huge wave in 2018 was mostly due to lack of forest care,
the Swedish Forest Agency now announce they will fire 124 employees all over the country due to government budget cuts for 2019.

RT [6h ago]:
Grainy mobile phone footage in downtown Khartoum of what is looking like the biggest single march since protests started 8 weeks ago.

RT [7h ago]:
Protests in downtown Khartoum today, Al-Soug Al-Arabi.

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Feeling proud: an estimated 10,000 students marching through The Hague to protest climate change.

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refugee children freezing to death Show more

The "temporary" border controls imposed to prevent people from exercising their universal right to apply for asylum in November 2015, then as EU said that reason couldn't be used anymore changed to blaming "public order" and "terror", was extended once again to May 11, says the Swedish government.

It still feels weird experiencing an Android phone with a proper desktop,
even though I years before DeX used USB-OTG to do everything except the HDMI-MHL concurrently, as they would've used the sane port and phones still only have one USB-port.

Today, the report on what went wrong leading to the "largest wildfire in Sweden's history" and others was released, stating it was mostly lack of forest care..
Now, the Swedish Forest Agency announces: We'll stop caring.
Had to due to budget cuts.

Right-wing parties decided forests and not being burnt alive is... communism, or something.

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Batman graves vandalized by suspected grave robbers at thousand year old รŠzรฎdรฎ/Yazidi cemetery.
Bones of a Sage scattered on the ground.

"This is a Yazidi village but we live with Muslims, together. In the winter the nomads come to stay. We live in fraternity but somebody comes and destroys our Graves".

Today the ports of Halmstad and Mรถnsterรฅs joined the strike by the Swedish Dockworkers Union for the right to be represented by their own union, which is the majority union.
Three ports will strike on Feb 6 and 7.
Eleven notices of future strikes were also given.

"Dictatorships [โ€ฆ] don't have to ask the people [โ€ฆ] it's easier for us in dictatorships. From a business standpoint I say: I only want to go to dictatorships. I don't want to argue with environmentalists."
-President of International Ski Federation

Oh yeah... the crowns from the burial of Charles XI of Sweden were "probably" found near some trash bins in a paper bag marked "BOMB" yesterday.
Now, if we could just trash all remnants of monarchical systems worldwide instead, that'd be great.

Yeah, I don't know, but apparently there's something about my butt.
The only time as an adult I have struck someone in anger goes like this:
I was hanging out with a new friend I met at a club, but at the time of the last clubs closing, I had gotten quite annoyed at the keeping on fondling my butt, so I asked the guy to please stop... a whole bunch of times, starting at "or else I'm leaving" and eventually I went for "or else I will punch you", so the guy said "OK" and did it again, so I explained "I will punch you, right here" and pointed at the forehead and got fondled again, so... I punched (with and open hand) right in the forehead and the guy fell in a snow-pile,
so I helped the guy up and said goodbye and left.

Weird encounters in the nights...

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