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To clarify: Yes, the assault was in November, but the video and info was first publicly released today.

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The "Internationalist Commune of Rojava" has asked people to join the campaign against the Swedish companies SSAB (steel) and Scania (vehicles) supporting ErdoฤŸan's illegal invasion of Rojava in alliance with al-Qaeda affliates.

RTโ€ [London Anti-fascists, minutes ago]:
Some photos from the demonstration today in solidarity with Russian Antifascists facing persecution from the Russian state. Remembering means fighting!

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RTโ€ ["TekoลŸรฎna AnarลŸรฎst" (Anarchist Struggle) in Rojava, 21h ago]:
A new group of combat medics have joined our collective! We are very excited about this new project. We are incredibly grateful to those who donated. Medical supplies are very much needed. If you're interested in donating supplies please email us to find out how!

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My first console...
The Nintendo "Game & Watch" game "Green House" (
It was super-fun, because it was before fun was generally available.

Any elite-revolutionary grabbing of power will always result in an elitist society, either immediately or by their heirs.
I don't know of any case where this has not ended up being the result, no matter how well intended the avantgarde may have been.

The only way to avoid this must be to immediately abolish the entire system of power and its old structures, so the hydra has nothing to grow itself back from.

As always, fight the power, don't fight for power.

Trump's next Presidential Campaign video, leaked by

(not actually)

A reason :
I start thinking I'll sweep half the path to the road from snow and I hear "ching-ching-ching" then I think I'll do 75% and I hear "ching-ching-ching" as the wind blows as much as I sweep back in my face, then after I've done all of the path to our only road to... everything and head back to the sound of "ching-ching-ching", I see that back where I started, it's back to the damn same level as when I started, because... "ching-ching-ching" is the song of King Frost's snowflakes filling up everything I just did.

Oh yeah... about that video of the person I love the most singing in Kurdish while in YPJ uniform,
the person told me it was not from now, but that it is now in Rojava with the "Anarchist Struggle" (TA) group, which is in close cooperation with YPG/J.
To prevent my confusion from spreading, I deleted that post.

In 2004 some previous members that objected to PKK seeking peace and co-existence with Turkey formed the TAK ("Kurdistan Freedom Hawks"). Acts by them since forming have either been immensely poorly prepared or well... (IMO) bad.
Those are acts that the State of Turkey keep claiming to be PKK's, even though they literally did split on that very issue.
Having a PKK that simply seeks a goal of peaceful co-existence just does not suit the ruling-class in Turkey, as the PKK are the go-to culprit of "everything bad" in the country.

It may also be pertinent to mention that the PKK unilaterally declared intent to follow the Geneva Conventions (basic "Laws of War") even though nobody accepted their signature because they're not a State.
As far as I know, they have ever since strived to follow both those conventions and any Customary International Humanitarian Law (Also "Laws of War", it's complicated. I can clarify some if you ask).
That should in turn be compared to e.g. Turkey's continuous violations of both, often several times weekly.
Somehow, it's the one fully voluntarily following the Laws of War that is labeled "terrorist" by some States, while the terror-State is kept as an ally, but then only one of them hosts NATO airfields...

An background that some may not be aware of:
When the "Kurdistan Workers' Party" (PKK) was founded, before the party separated its militia wings into HPG and YJA-Star, its first liberation guerrilla training camp was in Lebanon, at the sites of the "Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine" (PFLP).
A bit later, the PKK participated in the battle against Israel's illegal invasion of Lebanon and against the literally Franco-Fascist inspired "Phalange" party and lost several of its initial members to defend the Palestinian refugees.
Both the PFLP and several Kurdish-freedom groups still remember this and it is in line with both of theirs' usual high focus on international solidarity for equal liberation of everyone, not just some in some places.

The way it's heading now, it seems the last "Executive Decree" of the Trump Presidency may be declaring the Trump Presidency a "National Emergency".

Those posts made me remember only this autumn, the "Swedish Municipal Workers' Union" decided it was their place to do a major campaign for "buy more meat made in Sweden, to save the meat-industry"... which isn't even staffed by municipal workers, of course. Tools.

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