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It's got to be a remarkable the difference between the added efficiency between the labor-class of the medieval times and the output of modern times same, when compared to the modern times labor-class in many times burdened by the same amount of hours purely for basic shelter and sustenance.
Somehow, as ts result of production increased, amount of time demanded for production remained largely the same unless there was organizing of the labor-class to bring it down to the level that was demanded in the 1800s and which most but not even all have today.
So much increased efficiency and automation of labor, but not bringing the liberation of the labor-class from labor, just more profit-margins to the unproductive class.

That some labor "unions" forgot their initial demands included the end of wage-slavery surely helped keeps these bonds from shattering.

...or so very MANY articles I've seen recent years with titles like "Here are the Nazis in your County", which they then paywall.
They thus turn what would have been a service to the community, like knowing in one case that a municipal social worker was an organized Nazi in a militant revolutionary group into "hey, pay us and maybe you won''t be telling someone we know to be a Nazi the reasons they'd add you to their extermination-list".
Fortunately, their source for that case was AFA (antifa) which of course published the information freely, because it's a matter of life and death, not profit.

Reminds me of when I was tipped of a video that Public Service TV of Finland had on the storm that broke records in both Finland and Sweden, but... geo-blocked to Finland only, because... why?
Made by a Public Service company, so doesn't even get paid per click, but wasn't allowed to get streamed to Sweden, which has a centurions long "minority" population that are Swedish-Finns, due to Sweden's imperialist conquest of "the Grand Duchy of Finland", which also has large areas resultingly as major Swedish-speaking.
What's the damn point of geo-blocking major news that isn't eΜ²vΜ²eΜ²nΜ² profit generating?

Can't think of anything except just habit.
Knowledge is profit-potential, so just shut it off on the default thought-model of might be money to be had off people wanting to know what's happening to their secondary or even primary homes.

Well, OK, I couldn't help myself...
here's another preview of the favorite scenes I am currently struggling to create a compilations from, of one of my favorite shows of for you on Mastodon/GNUsocial.

I co-sign everything the character Miranda describes in this scene.

Yeah, I'm actually compiling a sample of some of my favorite scenes from the show in question, which is also one of my favorite shows, just for you here on Mastodon/GNUsocial... if I can just get enough through the open proxies. Live in hope!

You know, another proof of the inefficiency of Capitalism my be when one has had to import the boxes of a TV-series from Australia to Europe via Japan, because it's not sold in Europe,
then when you've lost the boxes and want to watch it again, you have to wrestle with open proxies just to access geo-blocked streaming that's freely available to stream in Australia... of something that still isn't even available for capital where you're trying to watch it.
Soooo effecient, right?

Remember that whenever people scream about "mah freezepeach" as reason to be allowed ti behave any way they like:
The "Right to Free Speech" refers to a (supposed) protection against SΜ²tΜ²aΜ²tΜ²eΜ²sΜ² and possibly their sub-organizations to infringe on some forms of expression,
but it does NOT grant you any right to speak anything at any person that does not want you to.
They don't have to hear you or even give you a platform, because they are not the State, with (maybe, depending on location) that obligation.

For free speech to work, it by nature also includes its inverse, the right to not be spoken to.

There are people (off- and online) that apparently believe "I'm an anarchist" means a free pass to behave in the worst ways without any repercussions.
In my opinion and experience, it is more like the absolute opposite.

Without rulers imposed without previous and revocable agreement forcing interactions for social or economic reasons, the only thing people have is the only thing that ever mattered: Personal trust and affinity.

Without affinity people may be strongly inclined to "nah, I'd rather not" on any interaction, but without trust, well you'll be past that.
Personal trust is the only thing and everything that matters, both now in the illegitimately imposed system and even more so in the future anarchist societies.

Here's a tip: If you've been shitposting to the point of someone you @ asking you to stop: don't then passive-aggressively sub-post instead.

In case you didn't know...
Yes, the white "blind canes" are only available to people deemed as visually impaired enough and that's by the hospital (at least here).

I didn't know that until they gave me one.

Yeah, hi!

If you intend on starting some discussion with mt that you know is damn bullshit and dishonest from the start, then PLEASE do not.
Please remember that I am visually impaired at the level of being awarded the "holy white cane of blindness" as achievement level.
I really don't need that nonsense.

Actual questions are of course more welcome than I could describe.

Thank you!

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@ciaby I didn't know. It was a refreshing flashback reminder of why I stopped trying to reply to some people on :birdsite:.

Yes, I personally call myself when people demand a label just "an anarchist".
Anything else has to in my opinion be secondary of "after people have the actual freedom to make such choices".
Achieve freedom first, abolishing all possibility of imposing power over others, only to THEN start dividing into however you want to use that freedom.
The choice must exist before it is made. It doesn't. Let's make it together before we split over making it.

The buffoon Trump's trade-war to "protect" the U.S. steel industry is going excellently...
RT [NYTimes, Jan 4]:
US Steel's stock price is down 47% in the last year.

Such a weird argument from far-right apologists when they try "actually Fascism is left" based on way back in the 1800s when a few people united absolute royalism (reactionary authoritarianism), radicalism and racism into proto-fascism in France (Action Francaise), then tried to hook up with anarchism but were totally rejected, then tried same in Italy but only achieved splitting authoritarians from the Communist Party and usurping the name "fascist" from a previous anti-authoritarian movement… while the actual staunchly and militantly opposed to them.

As a final step, the then named fascist movement even tried to persuade Spain's CNT-FAI that they had anything in common, but were laughed all the way into the Civil War.

No, that some people once claiming to be "left" formed fascism doesn't mean it's the same as the left that violently rejected them over a hundred years ago.

People in France reject neo-liberalism.

Photo by Stephane Mahe/Reuters

Look, if you're anti-authoritarian, then please at least do NOT propagate the propaganda-outlets of authoritarian regimes.
Even if "it's the only I found for this", that still legitimizes authoritarian regimes as sources for their own future shit.
Just say no! Never!

I swear, in just a few minutes of their news-segments channels like JinTV, StΓͺrk, etc has infinitely more mentions about "the struggle for freedom" and "international solidarity against fascism" than e.g. Reuters mentioning "Fascism" when a fasces-wearing Fascist gets convicted (0, btw).

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