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One must always consider signs of progress relative to their local general context.

If you see women in e.g. al-Raqqa hold demos against patriarchy ("kill the dominant male"), you can not dismiss them because "oh, but they have head-scarves" so I can't support them", but consider how extremely far things have progressed in just a year.

When women in Oakland grew tired of rape-culture and police inaction to form their own armed feminist vigilante night-watch "glittur-bloc", you can't dismiss that as "also violent".

When one angry arabiya sat in a turnabout in Bahrain shouting slogans against the Saudi puppet dictator, you can't dismiss that as "What? She's just sitting! I can sit".

Without context, nothing is anything.

I recall how after UK Uncut, Occupy Madison, Gaza Youth Speaks Out, the MENA-revolts (wrongly labeled "Arab Spring") starting, etc, etc and it finally came to Occupy where I was first aiding NYC's Occupy remotely then was "on the ground" at Occupy Stockholm,
we ended one of our General Assemblies by talking each getting to share our thoughts on currents events (me "I didn't think I'd see this, just spend my life preparing for future generations to be able to do this") and at about half-way, with participants from... I think 8 countries, most were crying, not from despair but from hope and joy.

One participant later told us of its friends having gone as volunteers to fight Franco and that this... this was a greater hope, for being global.

Now... Now, we've moved incomprehensibly far back.

I don't like being this disappointed with us humans.
It was much nicer back in 2008-2013 as an example when the world was near constantly filled with us surprisingly progressing and at a surprising speed or things that would likely cause us to progress later.,
then came a lull where I thought that "Oh well, we made unexpected progress, people need rest, it'll resume",
but then there was 2016 and now humankind is feeding itself to destructive forces at a more grand scale than literally in generations.

There are pockets of hope and reistance,
but it is as if those I would have hoped to be invigorated by those strive to look away instead.

Mastodon-instances really, really should start including a search-engine at least for all toots originating locally.

Using external search-engines often works (like when I give ' "b9AcE" "[word or phrase in a previous toot"' to Google)
but it is remarkable how often it has just absolutely no idea what I'm speaking of, even though I am very certain that the word or phrase was in a post I made and didn't delete (like my post on missing the days of HotBot and AltaVista, because Google is performing so poorly).

Google these days, LOL.

I search:
antonyms [word]
It suggests I meant "synonyms [word]",
so just to make sure, I go:
"antonyms" [word]
That should make it search for exactly what I actually wanted, without any incorrect fuzzing...
but, no.
It still gives me a huge box of synonyms followed by links to synonym-lists.
"Thanks". :-/

You are now a... what is the antonym for a "search engine"? A "bing"?

@aral I found this issue Mastodon-issue "Debian package is necessary" ( that you contributed to,
now that my eyesight makes continued use of Funtoo/Gentoo practically impossible so I have moved to Devuan.

I was firstly quite surprised that there wasn't one already,
then also I think for widespread self-hosting of instances this is probably very important for several reasons,
but mainly that having to as now use packages from several disconnected managements systems is likely to result in instances not being properly kept up to date or compatibility issues if an admin happens to update one package-manager's components without cross-compatibility having been verified with the others... which is a major function of a proper package management system.

In my opinion, each system should normally only have ONE package manager in use, for ALL packages.

One of the nicest things about the universe is its infinite grace in serendipity: due to the fractal recursive nature of reality, there is divine munificence in the forgiveness of error, for almost any error - diligently pursued - may converge to absolution, and enable the correct view by yet another path.

We should be gracious and good guests by accepting this hospitality with full abandon and striving, though we err, to err e'er forward, star-ward, and toward perfection.

The weird conflict of worrying that it feels like the instance may go away,
while also considering just giving up on the general inactivism at Mastodon/GNUsocial altogether and deleting the account,
which would make the first worry pointless...
Yeah, Mastodon's web-UI describes that feeling well:

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I was reminded by my recent posts on the progress made by the Feminist Revolution in Northern Syria/Rojava for the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women" on the 25th,
of one of my favorite songs:
"Blood on Their Hands" by Julia Frej.

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Just because some call themselves by labels in their own PR does not mean those labels apply.

Take the minister with "World's First Feminist Foreign Policy", Margot WallstrΓΆm for example, while Sweden held a UN Security Council seat and thus had ability to stop e.g. Turkey's invasion of Rojava which among other things aims to crush the ongoing Feminist Revolution,
but apart from once when asked for action in parliament claiming experts were looking at if it was illegal (undeniable) there was 0 attempt at doing the job an UNSC holder isn't just capable but REQUIRED to perform.

Same for the Saudi/US war against Yemen, which extremely disproportionally affected women and children worst.

You can't just slap a sticker on yourself, declaring yourself awesome and think it sticks.
This lack of action was a chosen action, an anti-feminist action, with millions as victims.

Been trying to upload the same damn 11MB video here for about an hour now,
but stupid Mastodon's fickle design keeps stumbling at some arbitrary packet and immediately giving up,
instead of as proper design would do, attempt resuming the transfer.
Not everyone have "broadband" in 2018, some live in rural Sweden instead.

Feels like analog modem days, before z-modem protocol was invented.

Yes, it's fine to not know every word in one's main language, even as a journalist,
if you're gonna take a stand on the existence of a word in a format where you have every opportunity to check first, you should be right,
but as a journalist you should above all know to issue a retraction or correction if you have published something that was incorrect.
If you 1.5 weeks after being corrected by a dictionary on something so prestige-less still haven't said something as simple as "I was wrong", you are wrong for the job.
That's my opinion.

Still funny though.

A report on violence against women was published for the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" by the "Kurdistan Communities of Women" (KJK).
Main focus is Mirabal Sisters who revolted against dictators and the fascism in the Dominican Republic in 1960.

KJK pointed out that the masculinity and male mindset that is practiced against the women is complementary to each other as well as that the the nation-state has become international and dominant and as a result the killing of women has reached the point of genocide.

KJK "appeal to all women throughout the world to denounce the severity practiced by men and the State in the Middle East. … also appeal for the escalation of the joint resistance against the international forces of fascism … and tyranny of men."

Hear, hear!

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In what previously the murderously sexist reactionary group ISIL had declared its "capital city", al-Raqqa, liberated a year ago by YPG/J and other allies in SDF,
the women have already begun the activities for the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women" in 6 days.

Good news are rare nowadays, but this is immensely good! :-)

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Here's a reminder that posts having "content warning"-tags is not to warn you against forwarding the post, but its opposite,
to enable you to freely forward posts without having to warn your followers or otherwise consider that that the content may cause distress... because they come with the appropriate warnings.

It's to enable MORE forwarding, not as now is my absolute experience, extremely much less.

If "content warning" remains a de facto "ignore this post"-tag, that will very likely lead to people, especially new users, doing what they can to avoid using them or simply just disregarding their use completely, so the entire feature undergoes dystrophy from lack of use until it stops existing.
That seems bad to me.

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