Some photos from today’s peaceful protests in Algiers . Protesters are marching to voice their disapproval of a fifth presidential term for (in power since 1999).
Bouteflika has been wheelchair bound and largely missing from the public view.

The company (Voice Integrate) that was directly responsible for making 2.7 million confidential medical phone calls publicly available on the Internet has also had as a customer the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB, Sweden's equivalent of USA's FEMA, but also contains CERT-SE, Sweden's "Computer Emergency Response/Readiness Team"),
as SVT has found among invoices one from the MSB at >15000 SEK in 2016 for a presentation which according to a person at the MSB was "about experiences ahead of a new communications system which will replace the so-called RAKEL-system".

RAKEL is the communications system for primarily police, military, rescue services, etc.

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The company that made 2.7 million calls to medical advice number 1177 in Sweden publicly available on the Internet got terminated... but after crisis meetings they ("Voice integrate") via subcontractor "Medicall" will keep being used anyway.

"Now it's secured. We have blocked this leak, so there should not be any problems whatsoever" said a representative of main contractor Medhelp to SVT.
SVT followed up:
-But there hasn't been any security whatsoever, how can you guarantee that there is sufficient security in the other systems that come from the same supplier?
–The investigation will have to show that.
-But then you can't say it's secure now?
–I have no reply to that right now.

Excellent... :-D :-O :-[

Syriac-Swiss Johan Cosar fought ISIL as a part of the Syriac Military Council (MFS) in Rojava 2012-2015.
Switzerland accused Johan of being a criminal for defending people against the probably worst organization in generations… put Johan on trial.

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In response to the continuing struggle for the right to be represented by their own union, the members of the "Swedish Dockworkers Union" have now had an overtime-lockout declared by employer "Ports of Sweden",
covering all days off and all overtime, from March 6 through July 31.

@adambredenberg I use RSS (as well as Mastodon/GNUsocial and the birdsite).
Probably similar result. ;-)

@lroop Personally, I use this and similar so that I can just accept all cookies, etc from everyone but they get destroyed as soon as the page is closed (unless the domain is whitelisted by me). Essentially the same as "private mode", except it's not in "private mode" (and browser history is kept) so they can't detect it.

I read recently that Chrome will/has started work on making "private mode" undetectable.

@sillystring Just because I am "in the EU" does not make their policies MY policies.

@sillystring "Me"? It was decades since I resigned from electoral politics.
Direct your reaction to those that made the actions, not those that mention them.

@sillystring Great. I don't know which state you own, by I applaud you.

@sillystring I don't think they care. They do that it anyway,
while it's having effects here, but held back by the USA.

Don't forget the Edelweiss Pirates (Edelweißpiraten) of teens that opposed and fought the Nazi regime where they lived.
When jazz was punk, Nazis ruled to kill millions and media didn't do fluff-pieces on murderous "dapper" fascists

Just so you know, people in USA: Many of your media-outlets still just blacklist all from the EU because they can't deal with the requirements of not intruding on privacy, as required by the GDPR.
You SHOULD be outraged as that means they invade yours.

Hey, here's a thing:
Ever since maybe the late 1990s, there has been random connection attempts to arbitrary Internet-addresses, just as there was on modems before that, just to check "is someone there and if so could we do something fun with whomever".
That is VERY different from a targeted breach-attempt, which is how major media often portrays such scans.

Bluetooth in 2001: WTF, we have phones of same model bought from same store on same day and they can't keep connected.
Bluetooth in 2019: I spend about an hour each day trying to convince peripherals to resume talking to each other after reboots/powersave-sleeps.
It really is like revisiting the 1980s.

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