Yeah, so... trying to use accurate reporting of underreported events as a form of activism doesn't work when posts that may have taken well over an hour with translations, extracting video/pics, editing, etc and then realizing "shit, I have to Content Warning-tag this, which means it will reach nearly nowhere".
To bad, as the Content Warning-tag probably could have been the best feature of Mastodon.

I might be back.

People take part in the annual "Equality Parade" rally in support of the LGBT community in Warsaw, Poland, June 8, 2019.
Pics: Kacper Pempel/Reuters

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I think we've all had those days when mood is just... this:

[Album cover of new "Sandokushi" by the excellent Shiina Ringo (]

"Alerta, alerta, antifascista!"
"No racists on our streets!"
Some of the slogans in Lund, south Sweden this afternoon,
as hundreds with flags and banners of various leftist organizations and the flag of Rojava marched against Nazism, following NMR's assaults on locals a week ago.

Huge demo against Turkey's illegal invasions of Afrin and South Kurdistan/"Kurdistan Region of Iraq", held in Cologne, Germany.
[full video in the article]

@gumcap Obviously, that will mean all spoons will be one meter large. It's in the name.

Several hundred people demonstrated against Nazism in Lund, south Sweden, following the Nazi group NMR's repeated assaults on locals a week ago.
Pics: SVT, No PEGIDA Sverige & Victor Pressfeldt.

Librarians are superheroes.

They have the power to find humankind's knowledge that it would take others a sometimes near impossible effort and... knowledge is power.
As with all superheroes, they thus empower all humanity equally against potentially lethal threats, such as lack of science.

"the global tyranny of the metric system"
:-D :-D :-D

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"Enormous amounts" of "painted lady" butterflies in northernmost parts of Sweden now.
Usually arrive late summer or autumn, but this year the Mediterranean area is to hot for them.
"I have never experienced this before. […] Just like the migratory birds they are fleeing the heat of the Mediterranean", says expert to SVT.

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NYC "Running Down the Walls" 2019 announced by the NYC Anarchist Black Cross: Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Sunday, June 9th.

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