@deidyomega Nope. No bank account. I get sent money order slips and withdraw those for cash at the supermarket.
Banks demand a recurring fee for having an account nowadays here and I don't want to pay for an empty account. :-D

Free food distributed to 200-250 families in need daily in war-torn al-Raqqa by women's cooperative al-Fardos, a project that has now existed 5 months.

@deidyomega Withdraw everything sent to me through banks into cash and use cash.

Got a letter from the State's agency for student loans.
I went "Sigh, I paid that off damn it... how much do you want now and why?".

Nope. They've suddenly decided I paid back too much, decades later, but are flummoxed by my boycotting banks.
Only 50 bucks, but still... funny.

Whenever possible,
it's better to let facts form opinions and emotions than
to let opinions and emotions cause us to discard facts.

Here is a graph based on the latest released (2016) official hate crime statistics for Sweden, by SVT, translated by me now.

Neither secret courts nor secret laws are considered acceptable in anything that seriously claims to be a "criminal justice system", yet secret software is used by those courts for, setting bail, conviction and sentencing
Important talk by @SoftwareJustice@twitter.com at :

Well, I hope that people here at least had a look at the shortened video I made for you here on Mastodon in this soc.ialis.me/@b9AcE/1019584656 as I did actually spend quite a while on thinking about which parts to use that would fit together and such.
Just asking, as I got exactly 0 reactions in any way from that...

"To me, magic is about knowledge, wisdom and energies. I am glad I live now, not 350 years ago", says the witch Ann-Charlotte LΓΆfdahl to local newspaper, in Dalarna province of Sweden, where 50 were sentenced to execution during the witch hunt of 1668-72.

"But for Ann-Charlotte, Easter isn't about Jesus' death on the cross, but about the rebirth of nature. She greets spring with a welcoming ceremony, sets the table for everything new, when nature wakes up again. With things in lime green, eggs, plants, sprouts and twigs with fresh buds.

–I am glad to live in a time when I can dare use my gifts, without being punished with death, she says, speaking of witch hunts of old times."

Turkey's dictatorship party AKP continues its "counter-coup" coup.

20 days after local election where opposition won by 30-7 margin, the regime-appointed elections board declares winners ineligible due to regime's previous decree, AFTER election finished.

An introduction to the lethal sabotage by the EU's "European External Action Service", FRONTEX, etc against the defence of human rights on the Mediterranean Sea, abbreviated by me from a 1 hour talk (media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9695-plane) at :

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From the movie "anti-social".

The movie itself was mediocre, seemingly struggling to stretch the plot to fill enough time to qualify as a full length movie.

Good Good Friday to you,
or "Long Friday" as the name is in Sweden, where there was an actual ban against fun ("nΓΆjesfΓΆrbudet", can be translated as "the fun-ban") on this day until 1966, among other things forcing places ranging from pubs to stores to close for the day.

A good day to commemorate the countless of people tortured to death in the name of Christ, who never said to do that, for being healers, philosophers, true to their own faiths or simply on no grounds at all.

RT @th1an1@twitter.com:
14.04: Protest against discrimination and racism toward black poor communities living in favelas of .
Against the genocide of black and poor people.
Against state repression, police states and fascist regimes.

@thelazyfox When bureaucrats are nearly never held accountable for incorrect decisions that may lead to horrible results, even death, while equivalent malpractice by car mechanics, doctors, drivers, etc is held to personal account, when that remains as now, they will continue to abuse the power they've been given...
and once there is one form of corruption in a system, other forms will follow, to counter the first and then there is a vicious circle of arbitrary power abuse.

Is a habitable planet a threat to Denmark?

Seems the Danish equivalent of FBI (PET) thinks so,
as they confiscated Anne's passport and issued a 1 year travel plan... because Anne planned to go plant trees, build wind power and water filtration with "Make Rojava Green Again".

@thelazyfox IIRC, Sweden was the second State in the world to implement bureaucracy, after it was invented in France...
and rule by selectively nitpicking bureaucrats "just following the rules" to impose what's actually arbitrarily picked for personal politics is quite common.

Like a lot of Migration Agency rulings using Labor Rights laws meant to protect workers from exploitative employers, to instead deport workers for what everyone agrees was the employer's error and not the worker's. So many that now govt has admitted it's a problem and they say they'll issue more clear directives and propose a rewrite to parliament, but the agency bureaucrats still claim "no, we have no choice but to separate these people from their families, friends for decades, etc".

May be difficult, but probably equally bad. :-/

If you liked the original concept of the band Nouvelle Vague, you may also like this:
Marie LaforΓͺt (the yΓ©-yΓ© genre star) singing "Marie-douceur, Marie-colΓ¨re", a cover of "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones.
I love it!

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