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A ton of street-chocolate made by an industrial accident in Westoennen, Germany.

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The stand-up comedian Azhar Usman from USA, known e.g. from the excellent "Allah Made Me Funny"-tour/DVD, performed in Stockholm at "The Network for Youth's Future" (Nรคtverket fรถr Ungdomars Framtid) four years ago.
I just edited together the 11 minutes that I thought were highlights for you:

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Now also as a local article...

Human rights lawyer detained for posting a picture of himself in a yellow safety vest.
Or in full, "joining a terrorist group and promoting its ideas, spreading false news, possessing pamphlets and yellow vests to call for protests against the government similar to the โ€˜Yellow Vestโ€™ protests in France, and using social media to promote a terrorist groupโ€.

Reminds of when the then "Muslim Brotherhood" Egypt regime declared in 2012 that people must beware protests lead by anarchist "B for Bendetta",
which was actually "V" from the movie "V for Vendetta", also known as "the Anonymous mask",
so in response several people went out and bought such masks to wear in their already planned protests.

An Egyptian journalist friend of mine said then,
"Do you know what 'anarchism' means? It means your mother will wear a 'bandetta' mask!".

Mastodon, where even the errors can make you go "Tihi, LOL!". :-D

This instance just had a very brief downtime, but staff was quick to fix it.

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When searching for the new version of your software is more popular in combination with the two functionalities you killed in that version by Mozilla central committee decree, than to search for actually downloading the triumphantly announced new version...
maybe go read your own "About"-page and then fire yourselves.

Sure, you're making your lead sponsor, the Surveillance Capitalist Google consistently happy by driving your users from you to their less open alternatives GMail and Chrome and making them happy does maintain your profit, but... that's not your job, you claim.

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I'm not much of a Christmasy person myself, but I randomly saw these pictures by Ulises Ruiz/AFP and Chung Sun-Jun/Getty and I thought they were kinda neat, so here ya go:

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After liberation by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Deri-ez-Zor agriculture now prospers with local autonomous self-administration

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