First step, especially right now, is... don't use Chrome:
"Chrome flaw allows sites to secretly record audio/video without indication"

Yes, there are Chromium variants (Chrome derivatives) that focus on increasing privacy by removing Google's tracker-stuff and disabling bad technology, for example the Iridium Browser...
but then the user has to handle updates of the browser and extensions manually, which most users just won't remember to do, thus not patching security issues and similar, so fixes one problem while creating another.

b9AcE 🐊

I decided to list and briefly describe every Firefox add-on that I currently use and/or recommend, because sharing is caring.
Here ya go:

Remember that YOUR computer security isn't just about you, but the security of everyone you are in contact with… and the reverse.
Making sure that others have the knowledge and resources to be sufficiently protected is also about protecting yourself.

Like vaccines, to use an example everyone understands. ;-)

@Elizafox Yeah, it was meant kind of as a combined joke/pun against them both. ;-)

@shellkr Yeah, heh, they seem to list the same things as me in the relevant section, except for the ones I provide rationale for making a different choice.

@b9AcE too bad some of them will go when they'll move to WebExtensions

@charlag Yeah. I strongly disapprove.
I am and will be looking for some other browser to move to then, like Pale Moon and Waterfox… but that's not yet.

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