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AFP: Lots and lots of police injured at , say police's press release!
Doesn't mention many times more protesters injured… or causes. soc.ialis.me/media/Gyng9AWsCMk

@LottieVixen I don't know, but I'd guess they're chasing people… and probably not for hugs. ;-/

@b9AcE ...I asume the most of the police is injuerd cause of pepperspray xD.
I've saw one video where a cop is sitting down and became the eyes cleaned. someone asked the cop: 'do want a lawyer?'
...just wtf.

@paulfree14 Yeah, it seems to me, if a real investigation of what actually happened during the summit ever takes place, much of the media "outrage" would have to be… nuanced.

@b9AcE from now on it seems this investigation will happen.
left-wing party is pushing for it.

@paulfree14 I doubt that the investigation will be more than a tactic to delay until people forget, even if that party intends for more.
I hope to be wrong of course.

@b9AcE yes will be used like: 'what we made a misstake? ok maybe, but then before just pointing the finger on us, let's have a very detailed and long investigation about.,
but in any case I'm pretty shure it will create presure within the police and politics...as there are always also ppl not fully lost with their minds.
...it will also take more credibility from the media spreading false news or just been focused on buring cars and handshakes during G20.

@paulfree14 Yes. I welcome any investigation of course. How it may be misconducted and used for ulterior motives… we'll hopefully never have reason to discuss. ;-/