Here's a reminder that the "content warning"-tags are not there to warn you against forwarding those posts,
but to enable you to forward them without worry that the content might distress your followers, because they too will be warned and thus not unpreparedly subjected to the content.

That is how they are meant to work and how they must work, unless Mastodon is to become an even more conservative platform than e.g. :birdsite: and Fascistbook.

@b9AcE i hadn't encountered people treating them as a reason not to boost that is,, unfortunate !!

@aflightybroad That is good. :-)
I have both spoken to people that told me that it was something they did and I have noticed a very consistent and very distinct difference in boosts in general when CW-tagged or not.

@b9AcE i do not doubt you at all! i'm very glad i've avoided it, but sad to learn people avoid boosting because of CWs. honestly, there are a lot of things i won't boost if they *don't* have a cw...

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